Scrape Real Estate Data from Trulia Using Python

Scrape Real Estate Data from Trulia Using Python

Learn to scrape Trulia using Python and extract the data fields like title, address, real estate provider, and many more.


About Trulia

Trulia’s aims to make the world a friendlier place by assisting you in finding a home you like. Trulia’s website and mobile apps help homeowners and tenants to develop a better understanding of neighborhoods across the United States through personalized advice, local insights, and 34 multiple data overlays that provide travel information, noted crime, educational institutions, local businesses, and more. Trulia, situated in San Francisco, was established in 2005 and is owned and run by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: Z and ZG). Trulia is a trademark owned by Trulia, LLC.

If you don’t have the means or technological skills to execute web scraping, finding deals on property sites is difficult. Web scraping of various property sites is provided by Scraping Intelligence in the United States and the United Kingdom. From Trulia’s property details page, we can scrape real estate data to extract property details such as names, price, mortgage, and more.


Web Scraping of Property Websites


Web scraping is a necessary factor for keeping an eye on property site listings available for agents and sellers. You can adjust the prices on the website if you are the owner of scraped information of property websites. Scraping Intelligence delivers Web Scraping Services for real estate in USA and UK for performing data scraping of the property websites that include Zillow, Trulia, Home Finder, etc.

Listing of Real Estate Data Fields from Trulia


At, Scraping Intelligence, we scrape the below list of data fields from the various real-estate property websites.

  • Property Name
  • Country
  • Property Description
  • Amenities
  • Address
  • Property Images
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Longitude & Latitude

Why Should You Scrape Information from Property Sites?


The leading property websites across the globe are a wealth of important property information. Huge data information is stored in the database of any famous property websites of the UK or USA. The website consists of various properties that include homes for rent, sale, or even those which are not placed in the market. Scraping property sites will provide property and rent estimates. It assists clients and owners in better planning by attempting to forecast property values for the next 5 to 10 years.

The property listings focus on the entire country and also work for millions of properties. Hence, if you are a property agent or you are trying to establish a shop and focusing on a particular region or state, then web scraping is the best option to extract property listing websites data.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Property Sites Scraping Services are much faster than all other property data scraping solutions.
  • Our web data scraping services for real estate are quick and accurate.
  • Smaller enterprises will find our scraping services to be quite reasonable.
  • Our data scraping services will free up time for you to focus on other critical aspects of your organization.


To know more about Scraping Trulia real estate data, contact Scraping Intelligence or ask for a free quote!

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