Groupon Product data Scraping

Groupon Product data Scraping- Scrape Groupon Product

Groupon Product data Scraping- Scrape Deals Data from Groupon

Scraping Intelligence provides the most effective services of Groupon data scraping services in USA, UK, UAE, and various other countries.



Groupon is a marketing business that sends daily special offers to its users via email, Facebook, and Twitter feeds. Local restaurants, retailers, services, events, and regional items are the subject of most Groupon deals. There are 35 million registered Groupon users worldwide today.

The term Groupon is derived from the phrases “group” and “coupon,” and refers to the corporation’s viral marketing strategy. The goal of a viral marketing strategy is to inspire Groupon members to share marketing communications with the other websites and customers, potentially increasing the message’s exposure and effect enormously.


Scraping Groupon Product Detail Information

At Scraping Intelligence, we extract the following data fields for Groupon products:

Groupon Data Fields:

  1. Name
  2. Descriptions
  3. Ratings and Reviews
  4. Prices
  5. Offers and Discounts
  6. Deals of the day
  7. Images
  8. Travel Packages
  9. Latest trends


Scraping Groupon Product Data from Listings


Scraping Groupon product data will scrape information like product descriptions, pricing details, and image descriptions for e-commerce businesses. Collecting product information and photos from every user is a crucial thing and hence Groupon data scraping is more beneficial.

You will need a product description with a specific listing that includes keywords such as “bestseller” or “Trending”. Our Web Scraping Tool will assist you to fetch the information. You will be continuously monitoring competitor’s pricing policies and product listings to remain updated with competitor’s moves. You can also monitor product promotions, coupons, or deals for the products you sell.

Why Choose Company like Scraping Intelligence for Groupon Product Data Scraping?


If you’re having trouble in getting information for your company, web scraping is the ideal alternative, which may be done by a specialist web scraping service provider like Scraping Intelligence. Let’s go through some of the benefits of using a professional data scraping service like Scraping Intelligence:

1.Easy Access

Whenever you need a huge amount of data, a desktop-based prepared scraper will fall short and often fail to deliver the desired results. In contract, dedicated service providers such as Scraping Intelligence have have the resources and infrastructure to handle such large-scale requirements with ease.


The majority of scraping applications have limited capabilities and functionality, which causes a major obstacle in the data extraction process. The customization possibilities are infinite while using well-managed services. Whether you’re processing or analyzing gathered data, using different delivery mechanisms, or using different data formats, Scraping Intelligence will fulfill all your needs.

3.24*7 assistance

When the underlying structure of the targeted websites changes, web crawlers are bound to hit, and this is when you need a fast support team that can respond fast and saves your time. We guarantee immediate support with Scraping Intelligence in the event of a failure.



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