Web Scraping Service

We are full-service provider and take care of every minor thing without the need of any software, hardware, or scraping tools.

Web Scraping API

For those with rate-limited or data-limited APIs, we offer real-time custom APIs for websites that allow data integration into your apps.

Mobile App Scraping

Because we use unique strategies and approaches to give efficient mobile app scraping services, multiple industries rely on our iPhone and Android app scraping.

Our Industries

Web scraping allows companies to convert unorganized data from the internet into structured information that can be used by their apps, resulting in considerable financial value.

Stock Market and Financial Data

Extract information about global financial markets, stock exchanges, trading, commodities, and economic indices. To boost the effectiveness of analysts and internal financial projections, increase and improve the data available to them.


Product, Pricing, and Review

Scrape e-commerce websites for information such as product prices, availability, reviews, prominence, and brand reputation. With this data, you can monitor your distribution chain and assess client feedback to enhance your products and revenues.

Real-Estate and Housing Data

Real estate properties, agencies, brokers, houses, apartments, mortgages, foreclosures, and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are all scraped. Set up personalized email alerts to keep track of fresh data.


Job Data and Human Capital

Search the best candidate for your firm or keep an eye on competitor’s move. Using web scraping services, collect jobs from job boards or company websites.

Travel, Hotel and Airline Data

Using our powerful web scraping services, extract information from travel websites to correctly analyze hotel reviews, pricing, room availability, and airline ticket rates. Using information to stay competitive is a nice method to do so.


Dark and Deep Web Data

The Deep web and the Dark web are best sources waiting to be mined. For value-added analysis, data on cybersecurity, risks, and criminal trends can be acquired.

Sales Leads

Using focused scraping tactics, you can generate new sales leads that are relevant to your company. For marketing and sales programs, supplement data with emails, phone numbers, and social media accounts.


Data for Research and Journalism

Use information from the web to fuel your next study project or news blog - environmental data, third-world growth statistics, crime data, local and global trends, and so on.

Social Media Information

Obtain information from social networking sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These sites can be used to collect historical data or to receive notifications. Keep track of how many people you've reached and how effective your efforts are.



Scraping Intelligence offers a wide range of crawlers for effortlessly extracting data from any source in the required format.

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 The Scraping Intelligence team was extremely professional, detail-oriented, and dedicated to providing the highest data quality.

Andy Jordan
United States

 We are thoroughly impressed with their cost-effective data solutions. Their commitment to work makes them our forever go-to data scraping partner.

Marko Herz
United States

 Working with Scraping Intelligence since last 3 years is a remarkable experience thing because we have always received a prominent result.

Caitlin Brady

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Our Exceptional Customer Services

Customer satisfaction drives our delightfull client experience. Our customers enjoy working with us, and as a result, we have an industry-leading client retention rate. We have genuine people that will respond to your request within minutes and assist you with your data scraping needs.

  • 98% of customers stay with you
  • Even during business hours, you will receive a response in less than an hour.
  • Professionals in technology and processes are on hand to assist you.
The Ultimate Web Crawling Infrastructure

Our platform was designed for scalability, with the ability to crawl the web at hundreds of documents per second and gather data from millions of web pages per day. By transparently managing sophisticated JavaScript/AJAX sites, CAPTCHA, and IP blacklisting, our worldwide infrastructure enables large-scale data extraction simple and painless.

  • Changes to the website will be addressed using self-healing technology
  • Infrastructure is dispersed over the world.
  • To manage complicated websites, large browser farms are used.
Unmatched Data Quality and Consistency

To identify data quality concerns, our automated data quality tests use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We make significant investments in enhancing our data quality processes and validation through a combination of automated and human approaches, and we pass the savings on to our clients at no additional cost.

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered data quality assessments
  • Thousands of warnings are monitored every day to ensure data delivery is not disrupted.
Professionals with Years of Experience

Our platform is designed for scalability. Talking to them is completely free, and there are no requirements to join us. Find out what other businesses in your field are up to. Learn how and where to stay relevant in this fast-changing world by utilizing web-based data and shifting to online services.

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