Research and Education

The appropriate data leads to breakthrough research. Discover emerging styles, train AI models, and learn something new.

Scraping the internet for research and education. Use facts from the internet to round out your research.

Web data of high quality brings up new study options. It may be used to spot new patterns, train AI algorithms, and unearth new information.

Research & Education

How quickly is the world around us changing?

Every three years, the amount of data produced doubles. You may extract information and arrange data in the way you need for your study using web scraping.

Providing actionable data to top Research and Education Industry

How online scraping and Scraping Intelligence Changes Research and Education Industry?


Machine Learning

To train your artificial intelligence and research models, create large-scale datasets from the web using stated variables. To help you with your study, make use of a large amount of publicly available data on the internet.


Document Processing

Large volumes of "natural language data," such as reviews, social media, photos, or location data, are processed and analyzed. Collect this information in the way you desire and use it to test your hypothesis.


Market Analysis

To watch public opinion, find correlations, recognize false news, and obtain up-to-date intelligence, collect data from worldwide news sources and websites of your choosing.


Web Automation

To keep ahead of your competitors, automate product uploads and update your listings and bids depending on specified triggers. Streamline your product offerings so you learn what to sell when and at what price.

Get a Customized Web Scraper for your Project.

  • Outsourcing the execution of your web scraping project to the greatest professionals in the area.
  • Set up a custom scheduler to extract data just when you need it.
  • Simplify the surveillance of your chosen healthcare and pharmaceutical; websites while we handle the maintenance and assistance.
  • Grab high-quality data from scraping various websites in your desired format (JSON, CVS, XLS, HTML) and neatly formatted for further processing.
  • To remove the chance of human mistakes, use pre-built connectors or APIs for your existing tools to automatically transfer data.

Extract data from any website at scale

Research & Education
        "University" : "The Universities at Shady Grove",
        "Locaiton" : "Rockville, md",
        "Campus" : "One Campus. Nine Universities"
        "students" : "33,723 students and alumni on LinkedIn"
        "University" : "Universities of Canada in Egypt",
        "Locaiton" : "New Cairo, Cairo Governate",
        "Campus" : "Hosting exceptional Canadian universities in Egypt"
        "students" : "5,660 students and alumni on LinkedIn"
        "University" : "American Consortium of Universities ",
        "Locaiton" : "Denver ",
        "Campus" : "Fostering student success through international education"
        "students" : "13 students and alumni on LinkedIn"
        "University" : "Scottish Universities Physics Alliance",
        "Locaiton" : "Glasgow, ",
        "Campus" : "Eight Universities"
        "students" : "9 students and alumni on LinkedIn"

Why Choose Scraping Intelligence?



Whatever your specific requirements are, Scraping Intelligence can meet them when it comes to web automation and data extraction. We think that there is always a method to solve a problem.



The Scraping Intelligence team will install and maintain your solution. We make certain that you receive facts that you can trust so that you can make sound judgments.



As your company grows, your solution can adapt, and data can be retrieved at scale. Millions of pages can be scraped, and TBs of data may be transmitted as needed.

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