Top 10 Web Scraping Tool in 2021

May 5, 2021

Web extracting tools and software streamline the procedure of data scraping from websites. Data scraping is a quite common and useful process, however; it may become complex and messy if not handled well and requires a huge amount of effort and time.

What does a web extractor do?

In data scraping, from stopping your IP and receiving forbidden to analyzing the website perfectly, collecting data in a well-matched format, and data scrubbing, there is a set of sub-procedure that drives in. Fortunately, web extractor and data extracting tools make this quickly and easily.

In this blog, you will seethe list of top 10 web scraping tools:

X-Byte Enterprise crawling: X-Byte Enterprise Crawling assists in aggregating data from millions of web sources, enabling big data enterprises to transform data into actionable insights. We provide a completely managed and dedicated web crawling and data scraping platform for start-ups and enterprises. This is why we constantly strive to achieve cost-efficient and effective business solutions for our clients. We provide different solutions like Pricing Intelligence Solution, Web Data Extraction, Lead Generation Solutions, and X-Byte also offers Web Scraping API and tools for effective data scraping.


Scraping Intelligence: Scraping Intelligence is the leading Data &Web Crawling Service Provider Company in India. The main motto of this company is to offer professional data and web scraping services in the best probable way. They trust in transparent and long-term business relationships.


3i Data Scraping: 3i Data scraping is the best web data extracting services provider Company in the USA, India, UAE, Australia, Canada, and Germany. With the core objective on Web Data Scraping, providing Data Mining, Data, developing Web crawlers, Data Scraping Services, Extraction Services, Web Scraper Pagination, and Web Scraping API.


Retailgators: Retailgators is amongst the best web extraction and web data scraping companies in the world, providing customized data analysis services and web scraping solutions to customers of different sizes. They use the newest technologies concentrated to assist enterprises to get big-scale and well-structured data online. Retailgators provides fully customized services as per the client’s requirements.

retailgators is a stress-free-to-utilize web extractor tool, provides a fast, accessible, proxy web extractor API in an endpoint. Based on features and cost-effectiveness, is on top. You will see the continuance of this placement; is the most affordable web extracting tool available in the market.


ScrapingDog: Scrapingdog is a web extracting tool that makes it calmer to grip proxies, CAPTCHAs, and browsers. This tool offers HTML details of any page in a particular API call. One of the finest structures of Scraping dog is that it also has a LinkedIn API feasible.


ParseHub: ParseHub is a cost-free web extractor tool established for scraping online details. This tool comes as a downloadable desktop application. It offers more structures than the greatest of another example, and in scrapers, you can extract and download image files, JSON, and download CSV files.


Octoparse: Octoparse places out as an easy-to-utilize, no-code web extracting tool. It offers cloud services to stock IP rotation and scraped data to avoid IPs from getting blocked. You can extract data at any time. Also, it provides an endless scrolling feature. Download outcomes can be in Excel, API, and CSV formats.


Scraping Bee: Scraping Bee is another best data scraping tool. It reduces your webpage as if it’s a real browser, allowing the organization of millions of headless cases using the up-to-date Chrome browser. So, the privileged trade with headless browsers as other web extractors do is eating and time-wasting up your CPU&RAM.


Grepsr: Industrialized to create data extracting results, Grepsr can assist your lead generation platforms, and news aggregation, modest data collection, monetary data collection. Web extracting for lead scraping or lead generation allows you to scrape email addresses.


If you are looking for the best Data Scraping Companies, then you can contact Scraping Intelligence for all your requirements.

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