Brand Monitoring Services

Our Brand Monitoring Services let you track customer perception, brand image, and your brand's online reputation. Scraping Intelligence extracts data across online channels including e-marketplaces, social media, forums, review sites, listing websites, and many other digital sources, and assists brands in protecting their brand equity. Maintain your brand’s integrity with Scraping Intelligence’s brand monitoring solutions.


What Are Brand Monitoring Services?

"Brand Monitoring Services help businesses track the ‘perception’ and ‘image’ of their brand on online channels. Today, consumers have more means of voicing their opinions and feedback for products and services they use."

Their reviews, comments, and responses on online channels make an impact on the brand’s prestige. This data, if identified, monitored, extracted, and analyzed, can help businesses understand consumer preferences and also help them improve their brand image. Brand monitoring of competitors is also particularly beneficial in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and strategizing your products/services to beat theirs.

Scraping Intelligence is a brand monitoring service provider with the technological strength to extract voluminous data from online marketplaces, social media, websites, review forums, etc. Insights from the brand mentions can help you benchmark your brand against others and mitigate reputation threats decisively.


Real-Time Brand Monitoring

Guard your brand against scathing online attacks and reputation crises with real-time brand monitoring services from Scraping Intelligence. Our proactive brand monitoring tracks every mention your brand gets online. By monitoring user-generated content and conversations about your or your competitor's brand, you can address any potential brand damage scenarios before they get big. Brand monitoring offers insight that can guide strategic decisions and product/service improvements.

Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage
Crisis Management
Crisis Management
Reputation Management
Reputation Management
Stronger Brand Image
Stronger Brand Image

From Social Media to Dark Web: Monitor Your Brand Online on All Digital Avenues

Brand image is an asset that needs to be protected from slander campaigns, cyber-attacks, bad reviews, and reputation crises. This can be done only when you maintain visibility of what is happening to your brand on the internet. Web scraping systematically extracts data related to public sentiments about a brand. It acts like a surveillance that protects you from online reputation attacks. When applied to brand monitoring, web scraping offers several advantages:

Scraping Intelligence can help you in extracting brand mentions and content related to your brand on major social networks like FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and more. Regular surveillance and extraction of new brand mentions from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Etsy help detect fraudsters or imposters selling duplicate products misusing your brand name or logo.

Our brand monitoring services extend to scraping data for brand analysis from App stores, ecommerce stores, review websites, and deep and dark web.

Importance of Brand Monitoring

Instances of Intellectual property thefts, counterfeiting brand names or logos, and unofficial websites that use reputed brand names to sell fake products or deceive customers are rising rapidly. Unsuspecting customers fall prey to these unscrupulous activities but blame actual brands for their mishaps and losses. Without brand monitoring, you cannot stop the mala fide activities nor can you warn your customers from falling prey to such incidents. Brand monitoring protects you from reputation harm and your customers from losses.

Key Features of Brand Monitoring Services

Scalability & Pеrformancе
Deep Insights

We help you know the exact public perception of your brand by deep scraping from various sources including social channels, listing websites, review forums, e-marketplaces, etc.

Data Quality & Accuracy
High-Quality Data

With the latest technology tools, years of expertise in web scraping for brand monitoring, and data tabulation techniques, we ensure our data is of the highest quality and error-free.

Privacy & Compliancе
Strict Compliance

We do not scrape illegal or unauthorized data. Our brand monitoring services ensure data is obtained within the perimeters of legal compliance and data privacy laws.

Applications of Brand Monitoring Services

Explore the various applications of brand monitoring services, from measuring brand awareness and finding partners to managing crisis and effective market research.

Measure Brand Awareness

Analyze online mentions, social media engagement, and website traffic to gauge the reach and impact of your brand.

Know Brand Sentiment

Monitor sentiment analysis across platforms to understand public sentiments towards your brand.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Gather feedback from social media and reviews to identify areas for enhancement and improve customer experience.

Effective Market Research

Use data from brand monitoring to identify market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies.

Finding Partners

Identify potential partners or influencers based on brand affinity and engagement metrics.

Collaborate Opportunities

Explore collaboration opportunities by analyzing brand mentions and sentiment among potential partners or industry players.

Protect Brand Reputation

Respond swiftly to negative feedback, address customer concerns, and manage online reputation to maintain brand integrity.

Manage Crisis

Use real-time monitoring to detect and address crisis promptly, minimizing reputational damage and restoring trust.

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