Sentiment Analysis

Scraping Intelligence’s web scraping services and APIs will provide you with the relevant data for sentiment analysis. Our scrapers can search the web and collect specific data from reviews, social media messages, posts, tweets, consumer discussion forums, opinion articles, the latest news, etc. With sentiment analysis tools trained on machine learning models, you can find whether your brand’s current public sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral.

Sentiment Analysis

Decode Consumer Emotions With Web Scraped Sentiment Data

"Web scraping data for sentiment analysis is a popular technique to know public sentiments or consumer perception towards your brand, products, and services. Scraping Intelligence has developed powerful solutions for sentiment analysis (web scrapers, web scraping API, and analytics tools). "

When you want to know how customers perceive your brand or their sentiments about it, you need to conduct sentiment analysis. However, you will need a huge amount of sentiment-related data (reviews, comments, live chats, forum discussions, opinion articles, etc.) for an unbiased perception analysis. .

You can use web scraping to gather sentiment data in text form. Using NLP (neurolinguistic programming), you can determine the tone or sentiment in the textual data (Positive, negative, or neutral) or intentions (interested or not interested).

Sentiment analysis also suggests whether your consumers have a positive or negative bias toward your brand or whether whatever they are saying about your brand is factual, subjective, or opinionated. It also reveals whether the sentiments or emotions are euphoric, intense, volatile, wavering, strong, static, fleeting, or mixed.


Leverage Consumer Sentiment Analysis and Refine Your Products

Knowing what your potential customers or existing customers feel about your products and brand is critical for delivering future services and better products. Sentiment analysis tells you the impression your products are making and whether you need to improve or upgrade them. Sentiment analysis helps you gauge intense negative sentiments that need immediate attention, thus helping brands improve their products or services promptly before they escalate into a reputation crisis issue.

Decode Emotions
Decode Emotions
Upgrade Offerings
Upgrade Offerings
Improve Products
Improve Products
Address negativity
Address Negativity

From Buzz to Insights: Smart Web Scraping For Sentiment Analysis

Our scrapers move through the web to collect sentiment data from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc., or ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to collect review data.

Positive sentiments have a mighty influence that persuades someone to buy from a particular brand and conversely, negative sentiments will dissuade from doing so. Knowing sentiments can help brands in changing them. Therefore, scrape web data for sentiment analysis with Scraping Intelligence's advanced web scraping solutions and apply analytics to gauge the sentiments accurately.

Our web scrapers can parse data from major review platforms like Yelp, Trust Pilot, or Google reviews. Scraping Intelligence's smart web scraping services can define parameters and specifics like keywords, hashtags, trending memes, (even emojis, and special characters), etc. to collect real-time data for sentiment analysis.

Capturing Relevant & Current Sentiments

Time-sensitivity is key in benefiting from sentiment analysis. What your consumers thought about you or your competitor in March may lose its relevance in December if circumstances have changed. Therefore, our web scrapers also collect timestamps with reviews or comments to keep the sentiment quotient relevant and current for you. High-end and more sophisticated machine learning models can even identify inherent humor, or sarcasm in textual data. Trained language models can decipher human feelings hidden in the textual content for accurate sentiment analysis.

Special Features of Sentiment Analysis With Web Scraping

Real-time Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous and real-time web scraping on online websites and platforms. Our web scrapers collect up-to-date data, complete with timestamps, ensuring you always have the latest insights into public opinion about your brand.

Comprehensive data collection
Comprehensive Data Collection

From customer reviews and social media posts to opinion articles and forum discussions, our scrapers are equipped to handle large volumes of text from diverse sources. We won’t miss a single brand mention on the web.

Strict Compliance
Strict Compliance

Scraping Intelligence maintains rigorous standards to protect user privacy and confidentiality while conducting sentiment analysis. We scrape sentiments & emotions but not the personal identity of the consumers.


Procеss of Web Scraping Services

Outline the step-by-step process of how your web scraping services function.

  1. Targеt

    First identify the desired URLs from targeted websites.

  2. Structurе

    Analyze the web Structure to get data in a structured format.

  3. Build Crawlеr

    Get a customized web crawler to streamline the web scraping process.

  4. Extraction

    Execute the crawler to extract relevant data from the targeted URL.

  5. Storagе

    Download the data in structured format such as CSV, JSON, XML, etc.

Want to Capture Real-time Sentiment Data from the Web?

Use our web scraping services for a 360-degree sentiment view!

Usе Casеs of Sentiment Analysis

From knowing what customers like the most to identifying gaps in products & offerings, sentiment analysis helps you build your brand aura and subdue any negative perceptions with timely actions. Improve your brand image, deal with any malicious slander campaigns, and know your shopper’s pulse with legally scraped authentic data for sentiment analysis.

Reputation Monitoring

Monitor your brand for issues like negative consumer reactions, brand equity setbacks, and poor feedback about your products/services.

Shopper Perception Watch

Watch what shoppers are saying about you and competitors, and gauge their expectations, satisfaction quotient, and experiences.

Polarity Analysis

Sentiment analysis based on machine learning models like Naive Bayes can be used for determining polarity (happy or sad, positive or negative, satisfied or unsatisfied).

Competitor Watch

Any change in positive or negative sentiments for your competitors can be an early sign of a major disruption ahead. Sentiment analysis keeps you prepared.

Slander Campaign Vigilance

Sentiment analysis detects if there is any slander campaign run against your brand by competitors or annoyed customers with a vendetta.

Reputation Crisis Management

Sentiment data helps in quick decision-making and forming a redressal strategy! Prompt actions can prevent reputation crisis incidents that go beyond your control.

Market Trends Gauge

Tracking sentiments can help identify upcoming trends. Initiate feature additions or new product launches to capitalize on these trends.

Product Upgrades & Improvements

Sentiment analysis is a sure-shot way to find whether your products or services offer the intended value or not. If not then improve/upgrade them.


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