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Extract Hulu app data using our Hulu data scraper. Use our cutting-edge data scraping solutions to extract Hulu website data such as Video titles, descriptions, subscriptions, views, etc.
About Hulu

About Hulu

The streaming platform Hulu was established in 2007. In addition to News Corporation and NBC Universal, Providence Equity Partners, and The Walt Disney Company joined the venture. The website was officially launched one year later, in 2008. Aside from live TV, Hulu offers premium cable channel add-ons, streams 1000s of TV series and movies, and offers unique content, such as the Emmy Award-winning series The Handmaid's Tale and The Act.

The Walt Disney Company assumed complete operational control over Hulu in 2019.

This achievement has greatly aided Hulu's expansion. After Disney acquired Hulu, viewers could watch recent shows from all over the U.S. networks on Hulu." The Hulu app has around 75 live channels, approx: 70,000 TV shows, and almost 40 million U.S. subscribers. Hulu uses eight locations in the United States and one in Beijing.

Scrape Online TV and Movies Data from Hulu

Video streaming, a media streaming service provided by Hulu, involves the continuous Online delivery of video files to remote customers. With the aid of Hulu, viewers can watch engaging films without downloading them to their computer or host device. Hence, Scraping Intelligence delivers the best Hulu data scraping service.

Users of Hulu have access to infinite movie data scraping. However, manual data extraction is not possible. Consequently, you require Hulu data scraper. In addition to Hulu, we are skilled at scraping a wide range of websites or apps. The users can download the data that has been extracted using our data scraping service and then assess the quality.

What Do we Extract from Hulu?
Data Fields

List of Data Fields

At Scraping Intelligence, we extract the following data fields from

  • Video name
  • Video description
  • Channel name
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Video Title
  • Video Meta title
  • Views/share
  • Subscriptions
  • Video URL
  • Downloads
  • Video meta description
Data Fields

Why Choose Us?

  • We process the collected data using the most recent scraping technologies. Includes duplicate removal, data cleaning, and formatting to make the data usable.
  • We offer high-quality data with a predefined structure.
  • Our Hulu data extraction traces every content regarding the targeted websites to deliver precise results.
  • Scraping Intelligence is set up at every level to the client's requirements.
  • We use a variety of proxies, create appropriate delays, and resolve Captcha in real time for web scraping and data extraction.
  • Scraping Intelligence has no restriction on the number of records that can be scraped or the total number of requests the user can fulfill.
  • Contact us immediately, and we will show you how simple it is to scrape Hulu data.

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