Brand Monitoring Using Web Extraction

Brand Monitoring Using Web Extraction
Brand Monitoring

Web scraping for brand monitoring aids in the measurement of brand image and service, and also gives businesses the unmatched capacity to track the level of buzz and response their brand generates at any given time.


Brand Monitoring for Various Fields

Web data extraction for brand monitoring services works in a simple and precise manner as we examine your brand on social media and other web sources. Also, we save the data for analysis purposes. We accomplish this using a variety of data scraping technologies that are pre-programmed to harvest and save relevant data.

  • Better Brand Understanding
  • Analyzing Competition
  • Real-Time Response
  • High-Level Customer Opinion

Get Real-Time Information on Products and Services

Keep track of your products by analyzing rates on SKU, categories, and keywords level. Scraping Intelligence will assist you in managing rates across multiple marketplaces, platforms, and e-commerce stores.

Maintaining your brand’s online reputation is very important. However, for enhancing brand monitoring software needs, layouts differ; web spider breaks and internally managing proxies will consume time.

Let our experts check and maintain the health of your data pipeline, allowing growth and protection of your business.

Finding Data for Brand Monitoring

Social Media is the biggest source of brand monitoring. However, various other sources that may not have a visible impact on a brand regularly.

  • E-Commerce websites: Amazon or eBay
  • Online forums
  • Review sites: TripAdvisor
  • Self-review areas in the website for example Amazon where the consumer will review products with the use of Image or Video.
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Travel Websites: Expedia, MakeMyTrip, etc.
  • News: Global and local newspapers that publish brand news to attract people.
  • Television: Instigates brand stories and their pros and cons.

Use Cases

  • Scrape news from various sources to monitor various resources, educational research, etc. You can perform this without using scrapers using an advanced news detection platform.
  • Gathering job posting from various career pages and also from job websites online to develop job aggregator websites, and also job posting analysis.
  • Examining background research for businesses or individuals’ images by crawling famous online sources and relating opinions or text classification for gathered information.

How Scraping Intelligence Will Benefit Your Cause?

The procedure is generally automated, and it eventually monitors and collects information from millions of web domains, allowing your company to gain a more personal and holistic view of tastes, views, consumers, and preferences.

  • Detecting False Reviews
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Online Presence Monitoring
  • Stay Updated

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