7 Best Real-Life Examples of Data Mining

February 8, 2021


Data Mining is the method of finding different correlations & patterns within huge datasets including methods at the intersection of machine statistics, database systems, and learning.

As data extracting is all about finding various patterns, the exponential development of data in the current era is both blessings as well as nightmare.

90% of the data was formed in the past 2-3 years. The data is being created at a lightning speed with billions of linked sensors & devices. It means that you have a lot of data to explore. To navigate a high volume of data, you require high-level tools.

This blog is all about how firms have started using data scraping techniques. It contains all the fantastic samples of how data extracting can transform your company prospects and open up new opportunities.

We have chosen the samples to illustrate how Data Mining real life examples has its applications in various industries.

Moreover, we have also referred these case studies to lighten no matter how small or big your business is, utilizing data extracting can enhance the company enormously.

1. Marketplace

Marketing is a game of shooting for whatever we want. We can target anything without a plan. Thanks to Data & data mining examples in marketing, it is possible to spot latest opportunity and trends where you can precisely make marketing decisions or you can plan content suitably. A study on Twitter shows that 90% of the Twitter users who watch TV-show, Tweet immediately after watching the show. They search related information to TV show to tweet and share content.


2. Banking& Finance

JP Morgan has implemented a distinctive database named Contract Intelligence or COIN. It’s an AI system that powers up the process and examines documents quicker. It also reduces errors while studying different documents. Contract Intelligence can analyze 12,000 annual profitable credit agreements within a couple of seconds. Previously, when JP Morgan was doing it manually, the staff was in need of 360,000 hours for analyzing all the documents.

In many use cases, economic organizations have been resorted to data mining in banking and finance to save time, efforts and money to enhance the effectiveness of their banking & finance process.


3. Government

If you think that the government is behind in using data mining examples in Government and AI, you are completely wrong. Palantir is a famous organization in specializing the use of big data to resolve glitches.

The US government is Palantir’s leading customer. It is one of the most powerful digital arms for the war against terrorism. Marines are using the tools of Palantir to evaluate different patterns of roadside bombs detected in Afghanistan, which is helping them to predict the attacks and position of the bombs.


4. Health Care

Mayo scientists have harnessed the muscle of data mining which Optum Labs provides. With the help of Optum Labs, Mayo scientists show how the treatment is done in the case of diabetes patients. The case of overtreatment defines how diabetes patients get treated aggressively and get tests frequently however still, there are 8.1 million diabetics’ patients in the USA who are unidentified.

As millions of patients’ data is available; data mining examples in healthcare is expected to be done when the requirement comes.


5. Education

Nowadays, Data mining examples in Education has an extensive range of requirements from education to instructive aids. Lexplore has changed the way to recognize dyslexic kids pretty quickly. Initially, the process of identifying kids was manual with a lot of paperwork, which makes it error-prone & awkward. Lexplore traces each student using PCs and tracking cameras.

They help those kids, who have problems with reading. This is a huge step from the manual procedure and automated the screening procedure.


6. Retail Industry

There are amazing apps for data mining examples in Retail Industry seen in last few years. Nordstrom is one of the finest retail fashion companies with the potential of data extracting for personalized user experience at 225 stores they have.

Nordstrom marketing team notice Pinterest pins to find out different products which are famous and useful of social media data to push all the products to the store so that all the customers can explore and purchase them.


7. Supply Chain & Logistics

Data mining techniques help you to create an effective image for the supply chain& logistics. This is why most of the organizations have started tracking their applications in their ways. Amazon uses data mining to identify the user’s accurate requirements. Similarly, United Parcel Services make use of data scraping to strike a balance in both that are effective and cost-effective. The United Parcel Service (UPS) is determined for identifying the user experience.

It is using scraping data services to apply various vehicle sensors of all 46,000 delivery trucks and different parts of air flights & warehouse.



Data extraction has a broad range of apps in different industries. All the examples given here indicate what data mining can do to help your business grow. Data mining could reveal new possibilities as well as provide new business opportunities. So, those that will use the data effectively will get the competitive advantages.

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