MagicBricks Property Data Scraping

Get access to real estate data listed on by utilizing automated data scraping methods without technical expertise. Real estate data scraping services help in gathering various data points like property type, location details, pin codes, images, agents, permits, open spaces, and many others. Scraping Intelligence is your perfect partner in extracting, managing, and interpreting data to enhance business initiatives in a rapidly competitive environment.

MagicBricks Property Listing Data Scraping

MagicBricks is the most popular website that contains a number of property-related details such as property listings, prices, images, properties based on location, URLs, etc. It involves a vast database of real estate information that can be used to generate accurate and current information that can be used in the preparation of business plans, market and competitor analysis, strategy development, and tracking industrial trends.

Scraping Intelligence utilizes a pre-built MagicBricks data scraper to assist in extracting required real estate listing data from in the required format. Our dedicated web data scraping team effectively extract the property listings for the strategizing of the procedure. Using automated web scraping techniques to learn from the items popular on MagicBricks, we can analyze customer needs and come up with new and refreshing campaign ideas.

MagicBricks data scraping needs bots that automate the process and run them at regular intervals. They make the process faster and bring out the most crucial aspects of data without much effort so that you can spend your time on other important tasks.


Scraping API for Real Estate Data from


Get value-added real estate data with our MagicBricks Data Scraper and API services for automated data extraction. With Magicbricks APIs, the data scraping phase can be extended to incorporate more valid and targeted data. To address this concern, we strictly follow the legal and ethical requirements for data aggregation processes.

  • Tailor the data extraction process based on specific business needs.
  • Scrape real-time property data from magicbricks to respond quickly to market changes.
  • Utilize advanced web scraping techniques for accurate datasets with robust APIs.
  • Transform unstructured data into structured with an automated filtering process.

Our team creates a perfect scraping API to narrow down the searches, focusing on the particular data of the MagicBricks. Scraping Intelligence streamlines real estate data extraction to align with the terms of service of the MagicBricks website. Whether you seek details about certain property types, regions, or additional factors, our MagicBricks data scrapers are made to satisfy your specific needs.

MagicBricks Data Fields

Scraping Intelligence uses automatic data scraping techniques to retrieve necessary data from the MagicBricks website. Let's examine the list of information fields that were obtained by employing the MagicBricks data scraper:

  • Property Details
  • Property Type
  • Description
  • Address of the Property
  • Pincode
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Property Pricing
  • Neighborhood Details
  • Property Size
  • Builder details
  • Rent Details
  • Rent Details
  • Amenities
  • Agent Details
  • Building Details
  • Contractor Details
  • Contact Details
  • Listing Data
  • Image URLs
  • Property URL
  • Virtual Tours

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Why Choose Us

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