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999.md Extractor

Scrape 999md Product Data


999.md Extractor

999.md Extractor

This is web scraper will scrape all product information from 999.md. Starting from any category page the crawler will go through all pages and extract all detailed product information from every page

Product details include:

Name, price, description +more

999md Extractor

3 Steps to use

  • Step 1: Click "use for free" button
  • Step 2: Assign the Pre-Defined extractor by clicking "Assign PDE button"
  • Step 3: Entercategory pages from 999.md into the starter URLS tab
999md Extractor

What does the output data look like?

This data consists of up to 3 lines of which each one represents a single (unique) page's information such as its code, Brand, model, ad_author, years_of_issue, number_of_seats, body_type, mileage, engine_capacity, fuel_type, drive_unit, price, image_url, etc from 999.md.

# Code Brand Model Ad_Author Year_of_Issue Number_of_Seats Body_Type Mileage Engine_Capacity Fuel_Type Drive_Unit Price Image_url
1 74046030 BMW 5 Series Private person 2012 5 sedan 1,60,500km 2000 cm3 Petrol 4 * 4 17 000€ https://i.simpalsmedia.com/999.md/BoardImages/320x240/4aa858c337ee31c0ea3ad421ae8c218f.jpg
2 75216538 BMW 7 Series Private person 2020 5 sedan 18,100km 2998 cm3 hybrid plugin 4 * 4 81 900€ https://i.simpalsmedia.com/999.md/BoardImages/320x240/2e5b85a89a935d1566015e577e4dd490.jpg
3 76335648 BMW x3 Private person 2007 5 sedan 3,38,000km 2000 cm3 Diesel 4 * 4 9 800€ https://i.simpalsmedia.com/999.md/BoardImages/320x240/bf6ee34832d974f4df48c89a090c01e9.jpg
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr.#23604 Houston,TX 77043 USA

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