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What is Banggood?
What is Banggood?

Banggood is one of the best online shopping websitesthat provide all parky appliances. They are selling items like Electronics, Computer & office, Sports & Outdoor items, Toys, Home Appliances, Health protection, etc., and many more items. They are providing items with safety and quality control standards.

Facts & Figures

They usually give a 20% Off on over 1.5 Million products. Banggood has 37 warehouses over the globe, the customer is ordering something from a particular website they will receive the product items very fast. They have done partnerships with more than 200+ logistics companies so that they can deliver the items door to door and fast. Banggood provides 40+ different payment methods from Cash on delivery to a Credit card so that customers can do payment securely. The total visit to is around 48.95 Million. The United States is the only country where people generate 10.91% of the traffic on the website.

List of Data Fields for Banggood


At Scraping Intelligence, we can scrape the data for Banggood Data Extraction. Data are as follows: –

  • Name of Products
  • Number of Categories
  • Ratings of Products
  • Reviews
  • Product ID
  • Price Listed
  • Discount Offers
  • Discount Prices
  • Country Ship
  • Availability of Stock
  • Description of Product
  • Product Variants
  • Image Product
data list

What we can Scrape from Banggood?

What we can Scrape from Banggood?

Extract details from Banggood Store can use our professional for Banggood Product Data Scraping Services. If you need to integrate Banggood API with your site, then Scraping Intelligence provides you Scrape Data from the Banggood that will help all the merchants getting data. Banggood Scraper allows customers to extract detail from Banggood store. We cantradedetailsviaBanggood in theformats of CSV, Excel, and XML. You can compute files that you want to customize file format like XML, Excel, CSV, for this, you should contact Scraping Intelligence.

Why to choose Scraping Intelligence?

  • Our Banggood Scraping Data Services helps you to save money and time. You should search for all the details in a couple of hours or a week if you are doing it by yourself.
  • We do have a professional team that can create all the valuable data which is converted from unorganized data.BanggoodData Scraping Services can track all the targeted pages and sites, can take out compulsory output.
  • We have the team who are dealing with Banggood Scraper, that can help you to extract data as per requirements like images, product details, list of products, product description.
  • We have a team of experts that supports and they assist you if you are facing any problem while using any of our services like Banggood ScraperServices. Our team provides all the reliable and skillful data and provides you faster and accurate outcomes without any error.

So if you are looking for the Best BanggoodData Scraping Services, then you can contact Scraping Intelligence for all your quotes and queries.

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