Google Search Result Scraper

Google search result scraper is a software tool that enables you to extract the search result listing from the Google search engine website. A fully customized, a fast, reliable solution that fits with your business needs.
Available Data
Available Data

At Scraping Intelligence, we provide the SERP data, which are similar to human search behavior. Therefore, our API provides more than classical paid and organic search results.

Whenever new SERP kinds get released by the search engines, we include them in our Google Search API immediately.

Available SERP Types
  • Top Story
  • People Also Ask
  • Paid
  • Organic
  • Maps
  • Local Pack
  • Featured Snippet
  • Answer Box

Why to Use a Google SERP API?

Gathering SERPs programmatically is a familiar challenge for all developers. This job should be very easy to fulfill by using an all-inclusive Google Search API. Extracting search results is a tough task, which associates CAPTCHA-solving, organizing proxy servers, or parsing the continuously changing markup of search results.

Scraping Intelligence is solving difficulties for you. Our Google SERP API has the needed infrastructure to practice any requests or return SERPS in easy-to-utilize JSON-format. Empowered by a smart parser, our Google search results API consistently provides all SERP elements. If you required to scrape other sites, take a look at our Google Search API.

Understanding of the Google Website Scraper

Google Website Scraper

The data extraction technique is used to scrape data from various sites on the internet and then analyzing data to derive useful results. Various online tools are accessible for data scraping that makes the data mining work quite convenient. One such tool is Google data scraper. This tool provided by would help the users to extract helpful data from various Google pages such as Google web, Google images, Google News, Google videos, Google blogs, etc. When the data gets scraped with Google scraping tools, the data as well as corresponding records are saved in different databases like MS Access, MS Excel, and MySQL, etc. By means of doing so, a user would have immense data from the Google database, which can be utilized in business purposes to assist the business develop exponentially.

Google Website Scraper

Google Website Scraper with Functionalities

Google site scraper tool

Google site scraper tool is an online tool, which can make the data scraping, copying as well as manipulating job very easy for the user. The tool from is an extremely helpful tool, which can save a lot of time, money, and efforts of the users. This tool collects the data from a parent site in an organized manner as well as copies data as per the requirement of a user. This tool is well-suited with various platforms and is highly efficient. Hence Google’s website scraper is an extremely useful tool when data needs to be collected from the Google pages.

Scraping Intelligence provides the Best Google Search API Services to scrape data from the Google Search engine. Get Top Google Search API Services from Scraping Intelligence.

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