How To Use AliExpress Scraper For to Extract AliExpress Data?

December 01, 2023
How To Use AliExpress Scraper For to Extract AliExpress Data

Have you ever wondered what it's like to access the vast product, pricing, supplier, and information database of AliExpress, the world's largest e-commerce platform? AliExpress. With a presence in over 200 countries, 150+ million active users, and over 100 million products, AliExpress is the most prominent digital marketplace. It's a helpful tool for buyers, market researchers, and online businesses. AliExpress is a data treasure that assists market researchers, drop shippers, data enthusiasts, and other online businesses. The AliExpress Scraper is an amazing tool to get all this info quickly from the platform. In this blog, let us explore using the AliExpress Scraper to get the desired data.

What is AliExpress Scraper?

The AliExpress Scraper is an automated tool that extracts data directly from the AliExpress platform. This extensive data contains product details, prices, images, customer reviews, and seller information. The extracted data serves many purposes, like product research, market analysis, price comparisons, and data mining.

What are the Benefits of AliExpress Scraper?


To quickly navigate the information on the AliExpress platform, the AliExpress scraper is a handy tool for people and companies.

Here are some of the reasons to unlock the treasure of benefits.

Comprehensive data

The details on AliExpress help companies make informed decisions, analyze product performance, and get an advantage in the business world. This includes product info, pictures, customer feedback, and prices.

Automated Data Acquisition

AliExpress Scraping is a way to gather information from the AliExpress website automatically, which saves you from doing it by hand and saves time. It's advantageous while handling large volumes of data on a real-time basis.

Market Insights and Trend Analysis

The extracted data is analyzed to understand the market, how products are doing and their price changes. Customer reviews and ratings help you learn what buyers want and what other businesses do.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Using the AliExpress scraper with business data systems gives info about the market, predicts sales, and helps you learn more about the customers you're aiming for.

Research and Analysis

In today's digital marketplace, looking at product trends, what customers like and understanding how the market works is essential. This helps find business opportunities, set prices, and create focused ads.

Data Fields in the AliExpress Platform

AliExpress has a wide range of data fields, providing comprehensive information for businesses and individuals to extract valuable insights. Here are the most common data fields available on the AliExpress platform.

Product ID -   Product ID is a unique identifier used to identify a particular on the AliExpress platform.

Product Name -   The product name typically reflects the name of the product displayed and its primary functions.

Product Description -   includes detailed information about the product, features, specifications and instructions.

Product Category -   Product classification within the AliExpress platform structure, such as clothing, home decor, or electronics.

Product Price -   This includes the product's price, discount percentages and other promotional details.

Product Images -   This section includes product images from different angles and 360-degree views.

Product Availability -   Indicates whether the product is in or out of stock in the preferred location.

Product Shipping details -   It showcases the estimated shipment cost, depending on the shipping address and shipment method.

Product Variants -   This includes different product variants such as size, colour or model.

Product URL -   Product URLs make it simple to share product details on social media, email, and other online places. They are also used for promoting products or linking back to them.

Seller ID -   This is a unique ID given to each seller who is registered as a seller on the AliExpress platform.

Seller Information -   This information consists of the seller's name or business, location and region of operations.

Seller Rating -   Seller's rating implies the overall rating and performance of the seller based on the customer reviews.

Seller Orders -   The number of orders fulfilled by the seller.

Customer reviews -   This includes the customer's name, how they rated the product, pictures, and their thoughts, which usually talk about the pros and cons of the product.

Customer Questions -   This part has common questions about the product's features and durability. People who have bought the product can answer these questions.

Customer Wishlist -   This is a cart where customers add products of interest, indicating potential purchase intent.

Product Return Policy -   This section explains the product return policy, which is usually 15 days replacement with the price tags intact.

Which are the Scraping Methods to Extract AliExpress Data?


There is no specific method to scrape the AliExpress platform; each method has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the budget and features, choose the right method.

Manual Scraping

As implied by its name, this method involves visiting the website and gathering data using tools in your web browser or copying and pasting info. Although this can take a lot of time and sometimes lead to errors, it's a helpful way to get a small amount of data that might be hard to find using other methods.

Web Scraping Libraries

Web Scraping refers to the extraction of data straight from the HTML code of AliExpress pages. This can be done manually or automated using web scraping libraries such as Beautiful Soup (in Python). These libraries offer tools to extract data based on CSS selectors or XPath expressions. While this method is more efficient than manual extraction, it does necessitate programming knowledge.

API Scraping

AliExpress provides an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows you to interact with and access data from the platform. You can either use a pre-built API or create your own for programmatic data extraction from the platform.

Browser Extensions

Chrome plug-ins such as AliExpress Scraper or AliExpress Product Data Extractor enable users to perform extractions right from the browser. Equipped with user-friendly interfaces, these extensions assist in selecting and extracting data into CSV or Excel files. While this method is convenient, its ability to scale up the scraping process is limited.

Third-Party Scraping Services

Numerous third-party services provide AliExpress data in an easily understandable format. Although the data is presented in a ready-to-use format, an alternative method is more expensive than this one.

Features of AliExpress Scraping tools

These tools typically boast various features, generally categorized based on their capacity for data extraction, the efficiency of automation, and data management abilities. Below are some of the standard features these tools offer

Data Extraction

AliExpress Scraper can extract any data from, such as information about products, sellers, product images, customer data, and reviews. Businesses leverage this data to make well-informed decisions regarding their product offerings and pricing strategy.


AliExpress Scrapers are automated tools or applications to extract data from, reducing human efforts and saving time. This is useful when dealing with large amounts of data and eliminates the need for continuous monitoring.


AliExpress Scraper can schedule automated processes at regular intervals. This feature proves invaluable when you require fresh and up-to-date data.

Data Management

AliExpress Scraper can sort and filter data based on its categories and export the collected data into various formats such as CVS, Excel, or JSON. It also cleanses the data to eliminate inconsistencies, duplicates, and errors.

Proxy Support

AliExpress scrapers utilize proxy support to prevent the blocking of IP addresses. It's essential to scrape responsibly to avoid causing harm or overloading the website server, which could result in blocked access.


In conclusion, the AliExpress Scraper is an incredible tool that opens possibilities for data enthusiasts, investigators, and enterprises by granting access to the sea of data from the world's largest e-commerce platform, It permits seamless extraction of data such as product details, images, seller information, and much more, contributing to informed decision-making, refining pricing approaches, and securing an upper hand in the marketplace.

Whether you aim to spot emerging market trends, comprehend buyer patterns, track changing prices, or uncover unseen e-commerce opportunities, the data on becomes your secret weapon. If you're in the market for robust web scraping services, look no further - Scraping Intelligence is the right platform for an array of data from any source in your desired format. Offering real-time custom APIs and facilitating seamless data integration with other apps, we keep you at the forefront of all industry trends. Stay competitive, stay relevant, and stay informed!

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