How can you Scrape eBay Using Python and LXML?

June 15, 2021

In this blog, we will show you how to extract eBay data and scrape data like names and prices of products in all groups by a product. Web scraping eBay can assist with gathering information for eBay price monitoring, brand monitoring, pricing intelligence, and keyword monitoring. Extracting eBay lists on a daily basis can be beneficial to check the information of comparing products with your participant websites.

Below are some steps on how to extract eBay?

  1. uild the URL for the search outcome to extract eBay data.
  2. Example –
  3. Download HTML of the pursuit outcome page utilizing Python Requests.
  4. Analyze the page utilizing LXML – LXML lets route the HTML Tree Organization utilizing Xpaths.
  5. Save the extracted eBay product details to a CSV file.

Below is the image of data scraped Utilizing our eBay Scraping tutorial: –

Below is the image of data scraped Utilizing our eBay Scraping tutorial: –

Requirements for eBay Scraping


Install Pip & Python

Here is a guidebook to mount Python 3 in Linux –

Mac clients can follow this guidebook –

Windows Users go here –

Windows clients can contact us for more details –


For this Scrape eBay using Python and LXML, we will require some suites for parsing and downloading the HTML. Below are the given packages:

  • PIP to mount the succeeding packages in Python – (
  • Python Wishes, to make download and requests the HTML content of the webpages – (
  • Python LXML, for analyzing the HTML Structure utilizing Xpaths – (

The Code

If the above link doesn’t work then you can download the below-given link at

If you would like the code in Python 3, you can check out the link at

Running the Python eBay Scraper


We have kept the titled the script If you sort in the script title in command or terminal prompt with a -h

usage: [-h] brand
positional arguments:
brand       Brand Name
optional arguments:
-h, --help  show this help message and exit

The product argument signifies any brand feasible on eBay. You can type in a product that eBay now has on its websites like –Canon, Samsung, Dell, and many more. The script should be mounted with the dispute for the product. For example, to search the entire brand Apple presently has on eBay, we would mount the extractor like this.

Python3 apple


In this blog we are only extracting the price, URL, and product’s name from the initial page of the outcome, so a CSV file must be sufficient to suitable in all the details. If you like to scrape data in substance, a JSON file is much desirable. You can declaim about selecting your details format, fair to be sure.

This will help you to make a CSV file called apple-eBay-scraped-data.csv that will remain in a similar binder as the cursive. Here is some of the information scraped from eBay in a CSV file from the knowledge above.

If you are looking for the best eBay Scraper then you can click on the given below link: –

Why extract eBay?

  1. eBay Keyword Analyzing – You can effortlessly analyze eBay for particular keywords utilizing this blog.
  2. Brand Monitoring – You can substitute the search period in this blog to include a product name and simply monitor which product is being traded more on eBay.
  3. Price Monitoring – eBay is the leading e-commerce website in the world, scraping eBay data for comparing and price with the Walmart scraper and Amazon scraper pricing details can assist you to create an effective price analyzing system.


This code must be capable to scrape web scraping eBay details and prices of most products feasible. If you need to scrape data of millions of brand products for each and check the participant prices of brands periodically then you can contact Scraping Intelligence.

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