How Forum Web Scraper is Used to Extract Forums Data?

Aug 01, 2022

For a wide range of subjects and sectors, there are several forums. You can fetch useful information, identify popular queries, and provide material that is untargeted by your rivals.

Finding low competition and low search volume keywords is a breeze with this method. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to quickly extract questions, themes, and backlink chances from forums using Scraping Intelligence’s web scraper.

About Forums

The Forums API can be used to obtain Forum data. You can get access to the Forum APIs by filling out this form. Partners may use the Forum API to access content and integrate it into their websites and apps.

A feeling of community and social relationships may be fostered quite effectively through forums. They may also assist you in developing an audience for a certain topic.

Why Not Make Use of a Forum API?

  • The amount of data you can scrape is limited.
  • It's tough to organize the data systematically.

Why Would You Want to Utilize Forum Scraper?

You can extract data at a large scale and download it in a variety of structured forms, including XML, CSV, JSON, and Excel, with Scraping Intelligence’s Forum Scraper. You don't even need to know how to program or code to utilize it. Scraping Intelligence’s unofficial Forum API automates the extraction process, which makes scraping Forum quick and easy, leaving you free to work out how to use that data to benefit your business.

Is it Legal to Extract Forum Data?


It is legal to scrape publicly available data from the internet. However, legislation governing the collection of personal data, such as GDPR or CCPA, must be followed. Scraping content that is copyrighted or private is also prohibited.

Ways to Extract Data on Forum

Steps to Extract Forum Data

The below steps will help you learn to use the Forum data scraper to extract the Forum data.

  1. Visit Scraping Intelligence’s website. And click the web crawler’s button.
  2. You can sign up using your email id.
  3. Once you get access to web crawlers, search for the Forum scraper.
  4. When you click on the page Forum data scraper, you will be redirected to the Scraping Intelligence console page where it will become possible to develop new tasks.
  5. Insert the targeted URL, and you can do this from Forum website.
  6. You can choose your proxy options and select the maximum products that you want to extract.
  7. Once the scraper will finish its work, it will be possible to download the data in the required format such as CSV, Excel, JSON, HTML table, and RSS feed.

It will be possible to then upload the data to your system, and use them as a spreadsheet in various methods.

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