How To Create Amazon Scraper In Python Using Scraper API?

July 23, 2021

Here, in this blog, we will see two different scripts: which will fetch individual listing URLs and saves them in a text file. Another script is that consists of functions including listing URL, scrape data, and saves in JSON format.

We will be using a scraper API service that will protect us from blocking and rendering the dynamic website.

The first script is to extract the listings of the category.


The next part of the script is all about parsing the information:


How to Solve Amazon Scraping Challenges?

This Amazon scraper will be suitable for scraping on a small scale for hobby projects. It can start on the path to making bigger and better scrapers. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind if you want to scan Amazon for thousands of pages at short intervals.

Use a Web Scraping Framework PySpider or Scrapy

When crawling a huge site like, you should take your time to work out how to make your crawl operate smoothly. For your scraper, use an initial platform like Scrapy or PySpider, both of which are based on Python. These frameworks consist of pretty communities and can manage lot many errors that occur during scraping.

How to Use Amazon Product Data

1.Analyze Product Change in Price, Stock, Count or Availability, Ratings, etc.

You can update your data feeds regularly with a web scraper to keep track of any specific product. By looking at your competitors – other vendors or brands – these data feeds might assist you in developing price strategies.

2.Scrape Amazon Product Information that the Product Advertising API doesn’t Allow You to Acquire.

Amazon offers a Product Advertising API, however unlike other “APIs,” it does not supply all of the data seen on a product description on Amazon. A web scraper can assist you in extracting all the information from the product page.

3.Examine How a Specific Brand Sells on Amazon.

If you’re a retailer, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ products to see how well they sell and make changes to revalue and promote your own. You may use it to track your distribution platform to see how your products are sold on Amazon by merchants and whether or not this is harming you.

4.Amazon Customer Reviews

Reviews provide a wealth of information. If you’re trying to sell similar things on Amazon and you’re targeting a well-established group of sellers who are buying in acceptable volumes, you can use the reviews of their products to figure out what you need to prevent and what you could swiftly improve on.

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