How to Extract Facebook Shop & Facebook Marketplace?

April 14, 2021

You can find many data on the internet related to extracting Facebook user details like comments, email address, names, etc. In the given blog, we will talk about various kind of data. Specifically, product data is listed in Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Shops.

Running an e-commerce company, you need to deal with categories, products, new same entities, prices. So if you want to scrape them from Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Shops here is the guide for users:

Below are the steps for what data you can scrape from Facebook

  1. Figure out what information you need to scrape from Facebook Shops & Facebook Marketplace and in what way it can be planned.
  2. Demand free Facebook extract.
  3. Review the example file request modifications & structure.
  4. Get all scraped Facebook information in CSV format.

Initially, you need to figure out what data you need to take out from Facebook. The link should be like the seller, category, Facebook workshop or explore outcome for a keyword on Facebook Market.

Secondly, you want to choose what product data fields you are looking for. If you need all accessible data fields extracted, then state so in the demand form. Or if you want definite data fields then you can list them and acquire what you need.

List of Data Fields

We can extract data fields from Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Shop.


Facebook Marketplace

  • List of URL
  • Product Title
  • Name of Category
  • Product Descriptions
  • URL of Image
  • Product Price
  • Name of Seller
  • State & City
  • Time of Posting

Facebook Shop Data Fields

  • URL Listing
  • Product Title
  • Name of Category
  • Product Description
  • URL of Image
  • Sales Price, Regular Price

You can order a free extractor from Scraping Intelligence

Once you have cleared your needs, contact our website in the Facebook extract order form.

Likewise, if you are scheduling to upload the scraped product lists of your separate online store, then identify your objective stages in the better manner. We can make a file completely matching with the natural import tools like PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, or other shop carts.

Here is a sample of the folder with details gathered from Facebook Shop to import data into a WooCommerce store. This file is entirely similar to target shop cart traders:


Review the example file form

A trial file covers and extracts the Facebook items lists. You can analyze it, do some changes, try to import it into your store house, and test how it is managed.

In the below mention points you can do the modification as per your needs.

  • Extract Extra Data Fields.
  • Clean up the scraped data from certain objects.
  • Rise prices by value or percent.
  • Add your business tag to a report.
  • Replace, Remove, or Add HTML.

Place an order and acquire all scraped Facebook Details in a CSV file

Once you are fulfilled with the performance of the extracted data you can get your full list & place an order. The details will be shared with your FTP oremail.

Moreover, one-time data scraping, we provides planned extraction. So you can get the updated file regularly & buy the subscription.


Scraping Intelligence is a service that scrapes product details from Facebook, route them, and assists you to participate in your current online store.

Let the service scrape required product data for you and replace you from the daily practice!