How Web Scraping is Used for Amazon product Listing?

August 5, 2021

The e-commerce platforms of Amazon offer a wide variety of services. They avoid making their product easily accessible. Every sector of the e-commerce industry will require Amazon product listing in some manner. We can help you with primary analysis, suggestions for making online purchases, or developing an API for your project research. Ecommerce data scraping is a simple solution to this problem.

Every industry whether small scale or large-scale can use Amazon data scraping. Even Walmart, the biggest retailer prefers to make use of Amazon product listing scraping for keeping a record of prices and products. Also, it has made changes in their business policy.

Reasons Behind Retailers Scraping Amazon Product Data

Amazon data stores much valuable information such as item names, ratings, reviews, special discounts or offers, news, and many more. Both sellers and vendors get benefits from E-Commerce data scraping. You will require a good knowledge about the quantity of information that the internet provides as well as how many websites you need to scrape. Amazon data scraping will solve the issue of data scraping e-commerce websites.

1. Enhanced Product Designs


Every product goes through several stages during its development. Following the early stages of product design, it’s time to introduce the product in the market. Client suggestions or any other issues will result in redesigning the products. For rapidly enhancing the product design, you will need to scrape Amazon data and design details.

2. Consider Client’s Suggestions


After scraping the basic design and determining the improvements needed, it’s time to consider the client’s suggestions. As customer reviews are not similar to product information, many-a-times, they will suggest the design or process for purchasing the product. It is necessary to consider client suggestions for updating the product designs. Scraping Amazon review data is necessary for identifying the common reasons behind customer’s confusion. Scraping reviews using e-commerce data scraping will allow you to compare and evaluate them, which will result in detecting the sports trends or common problems.

3. Search for the Best Deal


While quality and design are important, several clients give importance to price. Price is the only factor that differentiate all the similar possibilities while going through the Amazon product search results page. Scraping pricing information for yourself and your competitor’s product will provide you with various pricing options. Once you analyze the range, it will be more easier to know the position of the company.

4. Scrape Amazon Product listings that Product Branding API Does Not Allow


Unlike other APIs, Amazon product branding API does not include all the data shown on an Amazon product page. Scraping information from Amazon will assist you to fetch the data from a product page.

Which Amazon Products Can be Scraped?


Scraping Amazon product listings will benefit your business in several ways. Searching for a particular product is always stressful, time-consuming, and annoying. When you look for a particular product, various products will appear on the search result page, among which you cannot go through each product link. Instead, Amazon product scraping will allow you to scrape product listing and other product details such as:

  1. Product Name: It is necessary to scrape product names. You can gather various ideas via scraping e-commerce data about how to create a unique identity in the market and how to name your product.
  2. Price: Pricing is the most important factor for every item. Knowing the market pricing will help you to decide the price for your products. Scraping Amazon listings will allow you to understand the product pricing strategies.
  3. Amazon Bestsellers: Scraping Amazon Bestsellers will give you a brief regarding competitors and the type of item that gets sold.
  4. Image URLs: Image URLs will assist your business to select the best suitable images and they can be used as a motivation for your product designs and images.
  5. Product Features: Product features will explain the technology behind the working of your product and make you understand how it will benefit your user.
  6. Product Type: There are various products, you can scrape those categories and learn to know the product types.
  7. Product Description: Scraping product descriptions will allow sellers to write an exclusive description for their product that will attract clients.

What are the Challenges That You Will Face While Scraping Amazon Product Data at High-Scale?

One of the most difficult components of scraping the web and, specifically, e-commerce platforms are analyzing enormous datasets. Some of the obstacles which your scraper tool may experience are as follows:

Amazon Can Monitor Bots and Even Block IPs

You will face problems if you send a large number of doubts to scrape Amazon product listings. Amazon does not allow to crawl their sites regularly. And hence, you will need to solve the CAPTCHA or your IP address will get blocked. It is possible to scrape the Amazon data by changing your IPs and increasing the time interval.

Changes in Page structure

Websites undergo constant technical updates. However, web scrapers are developed by keeping in mind the web page setup. Hence, you can write the script so that scraper will only search for the sort of product detail at one time.

Poor Capability of Web Scraper

Each scraper has its methodology and processing speed. You may experience issues if you scrape amazon product listings with multiple page structures because you are interacting with a consistent algorithm and speed. You may solve this problem by calculating the number of queries that will be sent and designing your crawler accordingly.

Using a Database for Recording Information

You will simply end up with enormous data sets if you record the data after scraping product data from Amazon. Because the method is time-consuming, losing that data will be something you regret for the rest of your life. Hence, retaining the scraped data in the database is the best option you can select.

How to Scrape Amazon Product Data?

1.Use of Python Libraries


Scrapy, it the Python framework that will allow large-scale web scraping. It consists of everything, needed to extract the data from the websites, monitor it as required, and save it in the format you require.

Step 1: Install Scraping by using Python package namely Python, Pip, and lxml.

Step 2: Create a directory at Scrapy where you will save the code.

Step 3: Once the directory gets created, you will need to update the using the fields that you want to scrape.

Step 4: A new spider will define the important elements, namely allowed_domains, start_urls, etc.

Step 5: You will then update the for further data processing. This will scrape the data that you require.

2. Web Scraping Services


If you have little technical skills, Python Scrapy can be a difficult tool to use. You’ll need skilled and professional employees, who can organize all the data in a logical method to fetch knowledge for Amazon. You can contact Scraping Intelligence for automating this process easily.

  • Web scrapers may help retailers and large enterprises do market research, create indexes, and maintain stocks with the most successful offerings by assisting them throughout the entire process of scraping Amazon Product Data.
  • Scraping Intelligence will fetch the amazon product data from genuine sources and databases.
  • We will also deliver extra features that will extract Amazon prices as the product gets listed. Furthermore, by delivering competitive pricing, and estimates for the largest online bargain.


We can conclude that scraping Amazon data is necessary if you are in an e-commerce business. Case studies brief about how the organizations among the world scrape Amazon product data to run their functions.

So, if you are looking to scrape Amazon product listing then you can contact Scraping Intelligence and request a quote!!

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