How Web Scraping is Used to Extract Hotel Data Without Code?

January 31, 2022

Various hotel websites allow you to compare costs in several places across the world. Here, in this blog, we will scrape a hotel website such as, and fetch the information such as the hotel’s name, ratings, reviews, and price comparisons.

For instance, here we will use to extract the hotel data in Toronto. The hotel’s name, price, and ratings will all be extracted. The data can be downloaded in Excel, CSV, or JSON format.

Web Scraping Hotel Data


To extract the hotel data, we will use a hotel data extractor which has several features.

  • IP Rotation
  • Scheduling
  • Cloud-based scraping

Scraping using Web Crawlers

  • Open the web scraping crawlers and copy the targeted URL from the result page. The page will then be rendered inside the application.
  • You can start switching to browse mode and initiate the scraping process by clicking on the first name of the hotel name on the list.
  • The Crawlers will then suggest to you the other factors that you want to extract such as price, price comparisons, and ratings.
  • You might need to repeat the process, every time for scraping other hotels.

Here are a few input parameters that you can filter before executing the web scraper:

  • The only essential attribute is search, which includes the city and area.
  • useFilters determines whether the crawler must use criterion filters to obtain more than 1,000 results in a single run.
  • kind of property to search; it will utilize filters, therefore it can't be used in conjunction with useFilters (the 1,000+ results attribute stated above).
  • The default is a rather high - 8.4 - minScore for the minimum allowable hotel rating spots to be included in the results.
  • The dates of check-in and check-out in the yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Number of rooms to be searched, as well as adults and children
  • Selected currency, language, and other filters.

This hotel data scraper will allow you to extract the following information:

  1. Hotel name
  2. Hotel location
  3. Room type
  4. Price
  5. Bed type
  6. Ratings
  7. Reviews
  8. Rating tile
  9. Link

Scraping Intelligence Hotel Data Scraping Services


Get clean, important hotel online data like room pricing, reviews, locations, and more with our data extraction services. You tell us the targeted website, and our team of professionals brings it to you in the format you choose. You obtain accurate data immediately and without having to deal with any technological issues.

You may receive access to structured hotel data from one or more booking websites across the web with a high-quality hotel data feed, allowing you to grow your project.

Scraping Intelligence Data Services offers a wide range of information formats, and we've developed our QA process to supply high-quality hotel data for over a decade.



You can scrape hotel information and save it as an Excel, CSV, or JSON file.

We recognize that web scraping jobs may be rather challenging. If you run into any issues or have any queries, please contact us if you are looking to scrape hotel data using web crawlers, contact Scraping Intelligence today!!!

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