How Web Scraping is Used To Extract Public Data For The Healthcare Sector?

December 13, 2021

The US healthcare market is huge, with national health spending expected to reach $5.7 trillion by 2026.

Furthermore, the emergence of telemedicine, AI-enabled medical equipment, and blockchain electronic medical record has made a technological change in the healthcare sector more noticeable than ever before. Web scraping is a powerful way for healthcare organizations to increase business effectiveness and provide better and more targeted services to their customers.

Which Information Can be Scraped?


Healthcare-related websites information can be extracted for public data on the following data fields:

  • Names, specializations, and other pertinent information about doctors and other providers
  • Locations of hospitals, urgent care centers, and clinics
  • Enrollment in health insurance plans for individual providers and hospitals
  • Medical equipment and accessories
  • Pricing of pharmaceuticals
  • Hospital/clinic locations that provide treatment for specific illnesses
  • Online evaluations of various hospitals and service providers
  • Data from public healthcare that aids scientific and public health research
  • Product information for pharmacies and drug development
  • Job-related data can be used to identify competitor development pipelines or growth strategies.

Advantages of Scraping a Website for Public Healthcare Information


According to Oracle's recent studies on 'Healthcare Analytics and Big Data,' 50 Petabytes of information will be accessible in the healthcare industry. The sector contains a wealth of data, including medical insurance details, compliance, regulatory requirements, and scientific data. This information could be used to generate additional insight in the following ways:

Public Health Research


Large amounts of data are dispersed across search engines and social media. Web scraping allows the user to easily narrow down through numerous sites and use the information collected to:

  • Obtain critical information
  • Population health trends are depicted on a map.
  • Make informed treatment choices.

Price Analyzing


Web scraping can assist you in the following areas:

  • Keeping a close eye on your competitors
  • Drug pricing trends are being monitored.
  • Pricing your products and services to increase profitability
  • Determine the brand's reputation

Competitive Analysis


Web scrapers can extract data from the internet in order to monitor your competitors' service offerings and patient satisfaction. Details about:

  • The cost of hospitalization
  • Acceptance of insurance policies
  • Technological capabilities can be collected and applied to decision-making.

As a result, you can strengthen your market dominance and gain an advantage over the competition. Furthermore, you can use the Google Reviews Scraper to scrape review websites and collect people's perspectives about you and your competitors.

Extracting Information from Health Discussion Forums


Web forums have various structures, and individually acquiring the proper set of data points can be difficult. Web scraping provides access to vital public information on:

  • The detection of disease (based on symptoms)
  • Adverse drug effects
  • Suggestions for clinical tests for diseases

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