How Web Scraping Used to Monitor Online Resellers?

Sep 03, 2022

How Web Scraping Can help is Used to Monitor Online Resellers?

An excellent strategy to keep an eye on market pricing, comprehend the demand for your goods, and monitor your brand's reputation is to track online resellers. However, most businesses are still unaware of how brand monitoring functions or how to keep an eye on online resellers.

If you are thinking to start-up a new project and understanding how other people sell their brand products, then here in this blog we will discuss everything regarding brand monitoring and also about monitoring the marketplace.

Online Resellers Detail


As the name implies, online resellers work with people who buy items directly from producers and "resell" them to other customers. Businesses sometimes buy large orders in bulk from manufacturers and then resell them to outside customers at a little higher price.

It is a balanced strategy since both the producers and the suppliers may make respectable profits from it. It is crucial to keep an eye on how these sellers are selling your goods because there are several instances where companies may not profit from these online resellers.

Types of Online Resellers


A person who has been granted authority to sell goods directly to customers from manufacturers is an authorized reseller. Taking, as an illustration, a franchised authorized reseller of goods from Apple, AT&T, etc.


The only people with the right to offer goods directly to customers are unauthorized merchants. They still opt to do this, though. Since they lack a license, they are free to set the price at which they offer these goods for sale.

Customers or Re-Sellers of Used Goods

Consumers who buy a product from a provider frequently resell it to another customer. This is referred to as the second reseller and is typically the least profitable. But occasionally, when a customer receives a significant discount or purchases a limited-edition item, there is a chance to resell the item for a profit.

Reasons Behind Monitoring Online Resellers

Due to the growth of online shopping, monitoring online resellers is an increasing trend. Let's quickly review some of the ways how tracking online resellers will benefit companies so that you can better appreciate this idea.

Preserved Trademarks

Manufacturers are extremely concerned about trademarks because internet retailers may sell replicas, defective goods, or illegal products. Keeping a watch on internet vendors might help identify potential sales problems.

Finding Authorized Resellers Selling Below the MAP

Manufacturers propose that each authorized merchant sell their items at the MAP (Minimum Advertising Price), which is a standard suggested retail price. Any resellers who sell items for less than the MAP is harming the industry. Fortunately, keeping an eye on internet resellers enables you to spot any reseller breaking the law.

Recognizing Illegal Resellers

Despite not having a selling license, unauthorized vendors take off a sizable amount of a company's income. To improve market response, producers who keep an eye on secondary marketplaces can spot these unlicensed resellers and stop them.

Observing the Demand/Price

Businesses may decide what to do with their product pricing in the future by keeping monitoring resellers. It is safe to establish a decent demand-price ratio and make adequate profits without overtaxing the market's customers.

Which Industries Require Online Resellers Monitoring?


Although virtually every business must monitor its competitors, internet sellers, and the secondary market. However, if there isn't a significant issue or high return on investment for the initiatives, it could become pricey. The industries with the most issues need for active monitoring are listed below.

Sneaker companies, especially those who produce sneakers in small quantities. According to Imperva's 2020 Big Bot report, bad bots attempt to purchase these goods to resell on the black market, accounting for almost 18% of visits to e-commerce sites.

Luxury Watches; for certain watch brands with lengthy waiting lists monitoring the individuals who resell the restricted watches on the black markets is crucial.

Luxury Items: If fake resellers are not watched, luxury goods like designer bags might have their reputations tarnished.

Consumer Electronic Goods: Video games, accessories, and other high-tech consumer electronics

You must have a web scraping plan if you work in any of these industries to keep track of multiple internet channels and give useful information for decisions.


The use of a web scraping service is the best decision to monitor online resellers and the black market. Scraping Intelligence helps to monitor various items, gather data, and do many more things for monitoring the market.

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