How You Can Scrape Effortlessly Monitor Competitor Amazon Sponsored Data?

June 29, 2021


In this blog we will show you how you can effortlessly Monitor Competitors Amazon Sponsored Data utilizing the Scraping Intelligence. Utilizing the Amazon Sponsored Data Search Results Crawler, we scrape pricing information and product data like –Sponsored/Organic result, Search result rank, Product name, ASIN, frequently bought together, Price, and many more.

Below are some Steps to Monitor Competitor Sponsored Data

The Scraping Intelligence has a pre-built extractor that in addition to scraping price information from e-commerce websites can Scrape Google, Scrape Real Estate, Job data, Social Media data, and many more. Web scraping utilizing Scraping Intelligence is simple as the crawlers are cloud-based and you require to worry about choosing the various fields to be extracted nor download any of the software. The extractor and the information can be open any browser at any time. You will get the data delivered straightaway to your Dropbox.

How to scrape sponsored product data from Amazon

The Scraping Intelligence, Amazon Search is easy to utilize and can assist you to collect e-commerce data in a couple of minutes. The Amazon Search Results extractor can extract the ASIN, product name, FBA, price, best seller rank, description, sponsored products, and 20 more different data points from the Amazon Search Results page.

The crawler also extracts the data of different products that promote inside a product page. In tallying, the crawler helps you to collect the products in the regularly bought composed section of particular products as well.

The Scraping Intelligence also has different crawlers to extract data from Amazon like Amazon Bestsellers List, Amazon Product Details, and Amazon Product Reviews and Ratings.

Create Amazon Search Results Crawler

Before utilizing a crawler in Scraping Intelligence, an account should be created. You can click on the below-given link and the we will contact you and rest of the information will be shared at your email address.

Add the Amazon Search Outcomes Crawler to your provided and account inputs

Initially, you need to add the Amazon Search Outcomes Crawler to your Scraping Intelligence account. To get the result, you can go to and explore the items you are looking for.

This crawler accepts different types of inputs like search URL and category URL, Product name, EAN, GTIN, ISBN, UPC, Part Number, and Keywords.

In this blog, we explore the keywords “AA batteries” on

Amazon Sponsored Product ads seem in two locations on Amazon. Amazon product information page is the part of an ad container close to the topmost of the page. This allows advertisers to stimulate particular products within product detail pages and Amazon search results.

On the particular listing page if the Amazon product is sponsored it will be signified as ‘Sponsored’ above the item description.

You can easily copy the search URL of this page to offer this as input to the Amazon extractor. Below are some of the example of the search result URL:

The Amazon Search Outcome Crawler will receive explore result URLs. On the foremost crawler, the page you need to click on the Input button. After that, you can easily paste the input URLs with each URL detached by a newline (return key/Press Enter). After inserting all the explore URLs, you can also choose the total number of pages for the crawler to extract as you can see below the mentioned image.

Important Note: -For this crawler, you are having the option of offering search keywords and search results URLs as input.

  • If you offer a listing of search URLs the filters ‘domain’ and ‘brand’ will not at all work.
  • If you offer a listing of search keywords, they could only be extracted if you have offered no explore URLs. You can also search by adding multiple brands or brands at a time.

Run the Amazon Sponsored Search Result Crawler

After you save the crawlers’ input settings, choose and Start Collecting Data or Collect Data to run the extractor.


Note: – The below-given image will show the scraper is in Run mode and Start mode. Once it is in running mode, you can stop the scraper by hitting Stop. The free form permits you to extract only 25 pages. You can subscribe to Scraping Intelligence to scrape Amazon Sponsored Data, starting at only $5 per month.

Download the Amazon Sponsored Product Data

Once your job is finished, you can choose Download Data and View Data. The data is feasible in CSV, JSON, or Excel format.

The Example is given below:-


Find your Competitor Amazon Sponsored Data

Amazon Sponsored ads have established into a powerful marketplace channel on Amazon. Running Amazon Sponsored ads permits vendors and sellers to purchase visibility of their products at the top of Amazon’s explore results. If you are not having any specific Amazon Sponsored strategy, it might become complicated to achieve your marketplace objectives on Amazon. Enterprise-grade information offers like Scraping Intelligence will assist you to receive structured and clean data feeds in your required format and get them carried on a traditional schedule.


The Competitor Monitor Amazon Sponsored Crawler is the only way to scrape Amazon Sponsored Data. If you require to monitor competitor Amazon Sponsored data from different e-commerce websites or will like information with more attributes and data fields, Scraping Intelligence can create a personalized data solution for you and assist you to get started.

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