Glassdoor Job Posting & Company Data Scraping

Scraping Intelligence provides cutting-edge Glassdoor data scraping services to extract publicly available job listing and organization data such as job posting, employee details, company overviews, reviews, and more from Glassdoor. We deliver the dataset in customizable file formats such as CSV, Excel, JSON, etc. Get hassle-free Glassdoor data scraping solutions across countries like the USA, Canada, UAE, UK, and Germany at an affordable price.

Scrape Glassdoor Job Posting Data

Glassdoor is a rapidly growing website that employees and companies mainly use for job searches, company monitoring, employee reviews and feedback, and interview opinions. Glassdoor data scraping is an automatic process to extract job posting data from the job board. It can easily scrape Glassdoor data using codes and applications.

Glassdoor web scraping provides various insights into Glassdoor online information such as profile, employee name and experience, etc. This data helps in conducting sentiment analysis on employee reviews and collecting information for particular industries or companies. Glassdoor data scraping enhances hiring strategies by tracking competitors’ data, analyzing job trends in the labor markets, and updating the database at regular intervals.

Using our most advanced Glassdoor data scraper, you can easily harvest valuable job data and company insights from a huge database. Glassdoor scraper will ensure an automated data extraction process by just mentioning search terms, filters, lists of pages, and other factors.


Extract Job Posting Data with Glassdoor API


The Glassdoor API is used to extract the data associated with employment details, salaries, job descriptions, etc. It is also possible to scrape data manually, but it helps to extract data in minimal time and with the least effort.

The extracted data empower users with real-time access to company data, job details, enhancing their decision-making process. Glassdoor Scraping API offers an efficient and reliable solution to those looking to perform market research or enhance user experience.

  • Get up-to-date information on job openings, company reviews, and salaries.
  • Identifies areas of improvement and gains insights into market trends.
  • Analyze competition, job growth, and make predictions
  • Develop dashboards or Create reports by extracting company- and job-related data.

By giving developers access to Glassdoor data, the API can assist job seekers and employers make more educated decisions, building stronger businesses and promoting greater openness in the job market.

List of Data Fields of Glassdoor

Scraping Intelligence offers reliable and organized Glassdoor data scraping services with up-to-date and accurate data fields.

  • Job Title
  • Company Overview
  • Salary
  • Interviews
  • Description
  • Posted Date
  • Location
  • Number of reviews
  • Ratings
  • Job Posting
  • Candidate’s Name
  • City
  • Contact Info.
  • Revenue
  • Company Headquarters
  • State
  • Country

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Why Choose Us

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