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Scrape Google Review Data


Our pre-built Google reviews scraper application allows you to quickly collect hundreds of reviews and rating data from Google, including reviewer names, reviews, and scores, without writing any code.

Google Review Data Extractor

You can scrape Google reviews for places and companies using our Google reviews scraper. Without writing any code, extract hundreds of reviews data such as company name, address, reviews, ratings, and more.

Google Review Data Feeds Includes

Reviewer, No. of star ratings, review body, review date, product name, etc. These reviews can be used to analyze the quality of the product and the status of the product among the competitors.

Procedure to Use and Try Free Crawlers

The crawlers are 90% ready to work. With a few clicks, it becomes as easy as copying and pasting the content.

Step 1: Initiate Advance Search

Provide search queries for any search result URLs for scraping any review data from Google

Step 2: Downloading

You can download the data in any required format such as CSV, HTML, Excel, and JSON.

Step 3: Scheduling the crawler

Schedule the crawler on an hourly basis, weekly, or regularly to stay updated with products on Dropbox.

The Google review scraper will allow you to fetch reviews for every product that you can filter as per the quality of the product. Depending on the requirements you state from filtering the reviews, Google review scraper will scrape the review data using Python. After selecting the criteria for the data, you desire, you may arrange the filter according to your needs, and you can copy the necessary URL and paste it into the Initial URL tab in the Edit PDE view.

How to Get the Targeted Google Review URL?

Follow the below steps to fetch the review URL for any company or business from Google search pages

Step 1:

Scrape Google Review Data

Step 2:

Scrape Google Review Data

Uses and Benefits of Scraping Google Review Data

  • On the Google Review page, if Google reviews have pagination, all pages will be crawled several times.
  • You may also use the task scheduling feature to run this scraper regularly.
  • No software or extensions will be required to be downloaded.
  • We will always be available to make the required updates to the scrapers as needed.
  • You don't need to know how to code will be used to download the data.
  • We investigate and address any concerns relating to website structural changes and website blockage.

How Do Will Output Data Look Like?

This data is made up of up to 6 lines, each of which contains information from google.com about a single (unique) page, such as the reviewer, no stars, review body, guide, no reviews, review-date, URL, timestamp, and so on.

# Reviewer No Stars Review Body Guide No Reviews Review-Date Timestamp
1 Bosco Odongo Rated 5.0 out of 5, The best Estate in Uganda if youre looking to buy one. 5 reviews a month ago 2021-12-24T10:21:49Z
2 Joseph Rwabose Rated 4.0 out of 5, The Pearl Marina from my view is set to be one of East Africas finest prime real estate & lifestyle establishments. …. More. The Pearl Marina from my view is set to be one of East Africas finest prime real estate & lifestyle establishments.. Pearl Marina was established in May 2010 as a subsidiary of Centum Investment Company Limited with the view of creating a residential development on the shores of Lake Victoria.. The Pearl Marina site began with an initial purchase of 43 acres and expanded to the current holding of 389 acres. Local Guide 55 reviews 2 years ago 2021-12-24T10:21:49Z
3 Charles Marc (Root) Rated 5.0 out of 5, Very beautiful estate with beautiful house. Town houses, apartments and condos...most with lakefronts Local Guide 308 reviews 3 months ago 2021-12-24T10:21:49Z
4 Peter Adrian Lubadde Rated 4.0 out of 5, New residential apartments. Some are complete and ready for housing. Others are still under construction 8 reviews 4 months ago 2021-12-24T10:21:50Z
5 Comfort Solace Rated 5.0 out of 5, you can confide in them for a gorgeous stay Local Guide 14 reviews 2 months ago 2021-12-24T10:21:50Z
6 ABEL RUGI Rated 5.0 out of 5, Breath taking Apartments and villas...Call me if you want one Local Guide 33 reviews 3 months ago 2021-12-24T10:21:50Z
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