Scraping Data from NRL Website

Scraping data from NRL website will allow you to extract large amount of data of matches, scores, locations, etc.
About NRL
About NRL (National Rugby League)

The most fun and popular sport in Australia is Rugby league. The National Rugby League, which consists of 16 teams, hosts the world’s premier rugby league championship (15 from Australia and one from New Zealand). The Australian Kangaroos (male) and Jillaroos (female) representative teams, the annual three-match State of Origin competition between New South Wales and Queensland, the NRL Nines, and the NRL Touch Football affiliation are all part of the NRL.

The NRL is happy to support NRL Community, Australia’s largest and most comprehensive community relations initiative. It uses the NRL’s influence and scope to provide community initiatives, health and education initiatives, and promote inclusiveness and diversity through current and former NRL players.

Scraping Data from NRL Website

Scraping data from NRL website will allow you to remain updated with latest news related to matches, player’s history, etc. There are 25 rounds in NRL, every 24 rounds consist of 8 matches played between 16 matches. Hence, total there are 201 matches in the NRL season.

Scraping NRL Website Data Fields

Data Fields

At, Scraping Intelligence, we scrape the below list of data fields from scraping NRL website

  • Score
  • Location
  • Score information
  • Team lists
  • Team Stats
  • Player Stats
  • List of games
Data Fields

Why Should You Scrape the NRL Website?

The NRL website is a great source of world’s premier Rugby league competition. Huge details regarding the matches, players, etc. are stored in NRL website. The website consists of match highlights, name of players, communities, clubs, etc. those which are regularly updated.

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