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Skroutz Online Product Web Scraper

Scrape Skroutz Product Data


Our prebuilt Skroutz web scraper allows you to quickly and efficiently collect data such as product information, pricing and discounts, offers, and availability from a variety of product listings without any script.

Reasons Behind Scraping Skroutz

Skroutz is one of Greece's most popular price comparison engines. It is used by people from all around the country to find the finest discounts and offers.

Scrape Skroutz Product Data

Skroutz provides a wealth of information on customer profiles, preferences, spending capacity, product demand, and much more since people are always exploring and comparing items.

Using a pricing comparison tool like Skroutz to gather data will help you understand current industry trends and change your market approach accordingly.

Procedure to Use

The crawlers are 90% ready to work. With a few clicks, it becomes as easy as copying and pasting the content.

Step 1: Initiate Advance Search

Provide search queries for any search result URLs for scraping any product data from Skroutz

Step 2: Downloading

You can download the data in any required format such as CSV, HTML, Excel, JSON.

Step 3: Scheduling the crawler

Schedule the crawler on an hourly basis, weekly, or regularly to stay updated with products on Dropbox.

Uses and Benefits of Scraping Skroutz Online Product

If a department category or search page on Skroutz contains pagination, all pages will be crawled repeatedly.

  • You may also utilize the task scheduler capability to execute this scraper in an automatically.
  • There will be no requirement to download any software or extensions.
  • We will be always there to make necessary changes to the scrapers as per the requirement.
  • You can download the data without any knowledge of coding.
  • We analyze and resolve any issues that rely to website structure changes and blocking from the website.

The file format can be in any of the following formats: csv, xml, xlsx, or json, and it provides the following information on Skroutz 's best-selling products.

Scrape Skroutz Product Data

How will the Output Data look Like?

Each line indicates a single (unique) page's information, such as skroutz_id, name, price, image, description, manufacturer, smart_property, ratings, total_capacity, freezer_capacity, maintenance_capacity, etc.

# Skroutz_id Name Price Image Description Manufacturer Smart_Property Ratings Total_Capacity Freezer_Capacity Maintenance_Capacity
1 24963926 Pitsos PKNB56VLEP Fridge-freezer 508lt NoFrost Inox Υ193xΠ70xΒ80εκ. €679.98 https://c.scdn.gr/images/sku_main_images/024963/24963926/xlarge_20211103121954_pitsos_pknb56vlep_psygeiokatapsyktis_508lt_nofrost_inox_y193xp70ek.jpeg Freezer Pitsos PKNB56VLEP freezer, stainless steel face, with Full NoFrost cooling type and ExtraCold drawers. Pitsos - 4.6 508 lt 108 lt 400 lt
2 19525040 LG GBP62DSNFN Fridge-freezer 384lt NoFrost Inox Υ203xΠ59.5xΒ68.2cm. €659.98 https://d.scdn.gr/images/sku_images/041274/41274094/20210310134514_05a72a7c.jpeg Full No Frost refrigerator-freezer, with LINEARCooling for fresh food for longer and DoorCooling + for faster and uniform cooling, everywhere. LG - 4.5 384 lt 107 lt 277 lt
3 22859629 Bosch KGN49XIDP Fridge-freezer 438lt NoFrost Inox Υ203xΠ70xΒ67εκ. €897.98 https://a.scdn.gr/images/sku_main_images/022859/22859629/xlarge_20200421135307_bosch_psygeiokatapsyktis_nofrost_inox_a_kgn49xidp.jpeg The Full NoFrost fridge-freezer with size XXL has a larger dimension and fits even more food comfortably and in ideal conditions. Bosch - 4.8 438 lt 108 lt 330 lt
4 24986294 LG GSX961NSCZ Wardrobe Fridge 625lt NoFrost Inox Υ179xΠ91.2xΒ73.8cm. €2160.98 https://a.scdn.gr/images/sku_main_images/022859/22859629/xlarge_20200421135307_bosch_psygeiokatapsyktis_nofrost_inox_a_kgn49xidp.jpeg LG wardrobe refrigerator with a capacity of 625 liters, which can comfortably meet the needs of a family with 5 people or more. LG Wifi 5 625 lt 214 lt 411 lt
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr.#23604 Houston,TX 77043 USA

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