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With Swiggy Data Scraping Tool we can scrape the required data Swiggy Scraping Tool. We provide Scraping Services in the USA, Spain, Australia, UK, and UAE.
About Swiggy
About Swiggy

Now a day everyone knows that delivering food is a newest way of delivery the food. Many restaurants have their online food app so that the customers can directly order the food without any problem and can easily deliver the food to their doorstep. Now a day there are various delivery apps which is easily seen in the market which works commonly with customers and restaurants like, UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Deliveroo, Grubhub, this is the food delivery app.

It’s being said that according to Indian Research food delivery in the market reached on the highest pick by 2020. Therefore, Swiggy is going for Artificial Intelligence

Scraping Intelligence offers the Best Food Delivery Web & App Scraper to Extract or Scrape Data from Food delivery apps which are given above. We are providing Food Delivery Web & App Scraping services that are accurate and provide delivery. We provide the best Food Delivery app to the clients to get the details like, features product data, prices, quotations etc. At Scraping Intelligence, we scrape accurate & scraped data, as well as all the details, is necessary for the business.

As per the statistics, the favorite dish is being ordered 43 times in one minute. There’s a customer had ordered at Swiggy 17,962 times. Swiggis highest order of the desert when a customer ordered ice-cream worth rupees 76,527. It’s been six years since Swiggy has launched. Swiggy delivery executives have traveled 5,11,45,09,008 km in the last five years. Swiggy has a woman delivery executive also and they had delivered more than 2, 63,989 orders to date. Swiggy is available in more than 300+ cities.

List Of Data Fields

Data Fields

At Scraping Intelligence, we can scrape Data Fields for Swiggy Data Scraping Services or Extract with Tool :

  • Restaurant Address
  • Restaurant Name
  • Restaurant Opening Hours
  • Restaurant Contact Number
  • Restaurant More Info
  • Restaurant Cuisines
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Restaurant Current Promotions
  • Restaurant Payment Method
  • Restaurant Longitude & Latitude
  • What People Love at Restaurant
  • Menu Items
  • Item Price
  • Item Type
  • Item Description
  • Item Discount Price
Data Fields

The above Data Fields that we are scraping for Swiggy Data Scraping Services. We are using our best professionals to scrape the Swiggy Data Scraping Services; we will provide you all the details which are required for Swiggy Data Scraping Services with a better Tool.

Why Us?

  • With Scraping Intelligence, we are providing a quick time for the solution because the entire client’s relay on us. A scraping setup, which works today might now work tomorrow if the apps will make any changes that are the reason Scraping Intelligence is the best service provider for Swiggy Data Scraping Services.
  • We provide all the Food Web Delivery & Scraper App with all the customized options. You will have to deal with data scraped, delivery methods, and cleaning which are given in data methods. That’s the reason we do have the ability to scrape and fulfill your needs.
  • To maintain a big part for all web scraper tools. It is very important for the web is excellent. There are many scraping setup is working today but unfortunately they are not working in future if the targeted apps or sites make any changes.

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