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About Taobao/Tmall
About Taobao/Tmall

Get in-demand Amazon products, best-ranking products, seller details, product descriptions, shipping information and more.

Taobao is a leading e-commerce company in the world which was formerly known as Tmall. Their domain is being registered with Alibaba Group which is run by a Chinese Business Tycoon.

Taobao was found by the Alibaba group and it is mainly focusing on C-to-C which is Customer to Customer retail by providing small businesses. Within a short period, Taobao has become a market leader and they still hold that position. They are giving permits to the sellers to place with the fixed price of the customers who will choose the appropriate merchants depending on the feedbacks.

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Over 1 Billion products are listed since 2016, the combined transaction volume of Taobao Marketplace and Tmall was 3 Trillion yuan in 2017. In 2008, Taobao was declared as a newly dedicated B2C platform called Taobao mall to complement the C2C marketplace. Taobao mall set its destination for the brand name goods for Chinese consumers. Taobao mall launches its independent web domain.

The daily active users of Taobao are 299 million as per 2019, and Taobao general merchandise sales in F.Y. was 5.7 trillion-yuan in 2019. The number of Idle Fish communities was 1.3 million in 2019 and the number of Idle Fish sellers was 60 million active users according to 2019 status.

There are around 666 million people who are using Taobao monthly and there are around 601 million people shops from Taobao annually includes mobile active shoppers. The average amount spends by Alibaba Passport users on Tmall/Taobao is $45,000 according to 2016. There are 70% of Taobao monthly users are in the age between 20 to 30 so Teenagers are addicted to Taobao.

List of Data Fields

Data Field

  • Title of Product
  • Description of Product
  • URL of Product
  • ID Product
  • Price (Original)
  • Special Price
  • URL Image
  • Barcode
  • Item ID
  • Seller Overall Rating
  • Rating Product
  • Number Items
  • Product Variations
  • SKU
  • Categories
  • Cart
  • Login
  • Item Sold
  • Reviews
  • Product Image
  • Seller Details
  • Promotional Details
  • Star Ratings
  • Discount Price
Data Field

Scraping Data from Taobao

Scraping Data From Taobao

Scraping data can help extremely well in finding new strategies. Getting Suitable data for Web scraping from Taobao, so that you will be able to sell extra money-making products from a scraped list.

We help you to scrape best Taobao Tmall Data Scraper. So there are many ways to scrape Taobao/Tmall product price data scraping services as well as we are providing the structure in different formats like CSV, XML. We are ready to provide you Taobao price tracker for exporting data from the Taobao website in your store.

Data regarding the product consist of a name, product title, item id, categories easily scrape the product data from the webpage and database. The webpage is having the most recent and updated information which can be pulled out for the Product Data Extraction services. Many users hire Taobao Product Data Scraping Service from us to scrap data from different websites.

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