Top 10 Best Web data mining software and Tools 2021

February 11, 2021

There are numerous website pages available on the Internet, and new content is continuously being released at a growing rate. By 2022, the data copied and created across the Internet will reach up to 44 Trillion Gigabytes or 44 ZB! Content in huge numbers carries out a wealth of the database. The only difficulty is how to develop the details you need to bring value from the vast quantity of data.

The only solution is to start using Web mining tools. Web data mining is the extracting technology to scrape data from the Website. This website data can be web documents, hyperlinks amongst documents, or usage logs of the webpage. As per the data, it is divided into three groups.

  • Web Mining Content
  • Web Mining Structure
  • Web Mining Usage

1. Web Content Mining

The quick growth of Web content mining is mostly due to the fast development of Web content. Considering there are billions of websites, information on billions of web sites is continuously increasing.

A website contains a lot of information, like images, text, video, audio, or structured proofs, such as tables & lists. Web mining scrapes valuable details from the data that establishes a web page.

2. Web Structure Mining

Web structure mining help to keep focus on generating structure data of websites & web pages. Based on the document& hyperlinks structure, such a data summary is created.

An algorithm such as hyperlink &PageRank induced a search process that is mainly used to understand Web structure mining. By distinguishing the link hierarchy &relationship amongst web pages, Web structure mining is mainly used to improve marketing plans.

3. Web Usage Mining

Web usage mining keeps attention & focus on users. It is utilized to compute the research of the website which is situated on website logs.

Various logs like program logs, customer logs, app server logs, and web server logs comes into play. Web usage mining helps to search valuable data based on the user interface.

Web usage mining is vital because it assists companies to find out the lifetime value of users, design marketing plans through services & products, evaluate the value of promotional actions, enhance the functionality of cloud-based apps, and provides more customized content access to cyberspace.

Here are the 10 most popular Web mining software & tools.

  • Data Miner
  • SimilarWeb
  • Google Analytics
  • Scrapy
  • Bixo
  • Oracle Data Mining
  • Majestic
  • Tableau
  • Wekan

1. Data Miner (Web content mining tool)


Data Miner

Web Mining Software and Data Mining Tool that is effective in scraping data from a website. It provides the scraped data into Excel & CSV format.

Data Miner delivers more than 40,000 solutions for numerous famous websites.

With these agendas, you can effortlessly acquire the organized data as per your need.


  • Scrape lists& tables
  • One-click clutch
  • Extract dynamic Ajax content
  • Extract pages behind login/firewall
  • Fill the form automatically
  • Gather paginated outputs

2. Google Analytics (Web usage mining tool)


Google Analytics is treated as one of the finest business analysis tools as it can report & track site traffic.

More than 50% of users across the globe use website analysis and it assists you to carry out useful data to collect insights for your company.


  • Behavior & demographics analysis
  • Campaign& advertising functioning analysis
  • Conversion & Sales tools
  • Data analysis of application performance &website
  • Simply integrate Google products, like Google Tag Manager, Google Display Network, Adwords, Adsense, etc.
  • Website testing & analysis

3. SimilarWeb (Web usage mining tool)



SimilarWeb is a robust business intelligence tool. With this tool, customers can understand the ranking, user engagement, and research of the website.

It can analyze website traffic, discover the features of identifying growth & participant website opportunities. It can assist you with traffic enhancement &track site traffic plans for different sites at a similar time.

In short, SimilarWeb is a good tool because it can assist you to track your overall company health, create effective companies’ choices & track opportunities.


  • Audience importance
  • Google Play Keyword Analysis
  • Industry leader
  • Interaction& Traffic metrics
  • PPC keywords& Search engine optimization
  • Traffic source

4. Majestic (Web structure mining tool)



Majestic is a very useful business analysis tool that provides services for marketing companies, search engine optimization strategies, media analysts, and website developers. Majestic can assist you to access the world’s leading index directory. You can obtain up-to-date & reliable data to examine the performance of the competitors & websites. It can also assist you to categorize the domain & each page through link mining or link analysis.


  • Advertising campaign
  • Backlink history
  • Bulk backlinks
  • Comparison tool
  • Keyword Checker
  • Neighborhood check
  • Rich plugins
  • Search Explorer
  • URL submission
  • Website explorer

5. Scrapy (Web content mining tool)



Scrapy is one of the major open sources for web mining tools. It can assist you to scrape data from there user sessions, manage requests, website, follows handle output pipelines & redirects them.


  • HTTP functions such as authentication, caching, compression
  • Interactive Shell console
  • Processed Asynchronously& Requirements are dispatched
  • Scrape data from HTML/XML& Select
  • Session handling& Cookie

6. Bixo (Web structure mining tool)



Bixo is an outstanding website mining open-source tool that helps you to run a sequence of followed pipelines on top of Hadoop. Building customized followed pipeline modules; you can rapidly develop web mining app for particular use-cases.


  • Get subassembly
  • Lack of data visualization capabilities
  • Parsing subcomponent

7. Oracle Data Mining (Web Usage Mining Tool)

Oracle Data Mining was invented by Oracle. Data mining software provides a brilliant data mining process that can assist you to make predictions, collect insights, make effective use of Oracle investments& data.

With Oracle Data Mining, guessing models are found on the Oracle website so that you can easily focus on your specific customer groups, develop customer profiles, and predict customer behavior. You easily recognize opportunities for identifying differences, prospects for fraud, and cross-selling.



  • Abnormal detection
  • Active Data Guard
  • Association
  • Attribute importance
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Database library
  • Feature selection and extraction
  • Online analysis and processing
  • Return
  • Space mining
  • Text mining

8. Tableau (Web usage mining tool)


Tableau is one of the fastest-growing data & fastest used tools in business intelligence organizations. It helps you to streamline the unique data into a structured format. Visualization data can be effortlessly executed through worksheets& dashboards.

The Tableau product set contains

  • Tableau Public
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau desktop
  • Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Server

The Tableau product set contains

Here are some key features of Tableau include:

  • Additional connector
  • Android improvements
  • Automatic query cache
  • Auto-update
  • Convert query to visualization
  • Create a “no-code” data query
  • Create interactive dashboard
  • Dashboard comments
  • Data-Driven Alert
  • Highlight and filter data
  • Import data of all ranges and sizes
  • Metadata management
  • PDF connector
  • Shared dashboard
  • Smart connection
  • String in-depth understanding guidance
  • Switch view and drag and drop
  • Tableau Bridge
  • Tableau Reader for data viewing

9. (Web content mining tool)


Weka is a group of the machine learning process for data mining tasks. It includes tools for classification, regression, association rule mining, clustering, visualization, and data preparation.

Weka was mainly designed as a tool for investigating data from the agricultural field, but in recent times a fully Java-based version (Weka 3), which was derived in 1997, is now used in many various apps fields, research & especially for educational purposes.


  • Classification
  • Cluster
  • Data preprocessing
  • Function selection
  • Return
  • Visualization

If you are looking for professional data mining services or have any custom requirements, you can always contact Scraping Intelligence or ask for a free quote!