Top 5 Web Scraping Difficulties and Solutions

January 04, 2023

Web scraping is a necessary part of most businesses. With the web scraping aspect, businesses get the desired information. Nowadays, web scraping demand has risen in the market. It helps businesses to gain competitive benefits such as customers' tastes, market research, analysis, planning, etc. However, web scraping also faces some challenges. We have indicated the most typical web scraping challenges for those who include data scraping as an essential business process.

What is web scraping?


Web scraping refers to obtaining web data with a more helpful structure for the user. It collects data or information from online sites and analyzes it as per needs. It is an effective and quick way to get data from websites. Furthermore, it benefits businesses in several ways, including Product optimization, Asset decisions, Pricing optimization, competitor monitoring, etc.

What are web scraping challenges?


Web scraping on a small scale is easy for any business. On the other hand, data extraction on a large scale is tricky. Many challenges arise in large-scale web scraping. Thus, this aspect affects business growth. It slows the further expansion of businesses. Today we will learn more about different web scraping challenges in-depth.

  • Slow/unstable load speed
  • Captcha
  • Web page structures
  • IP blocking
  • Bot access
  • Honeypot traps
  • Real-time data scraping
  • Dynamic content
  • Real-time data scraping
Dynamic content

Businesses use AJAX to update dynamic web content. —for example, endless scrolling, lazy loading of images, etc. Recently, websites have become more dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly. But the issue with this factor is it is only visual to the user, not the data scraper. Thus, it could not be scraper friendly.


First, it is necessary to check whether websites are free to select for web scraping. Some websites are free to access, but some do not allow bot access to obtain data automatically. With robots' help, you can find out which websites allow bots and which are not.

Frequent Structural Changes

Websites experience many structural changes to enhance user experience and update new attributes. On the other hand, structural changes in web crawlers would stop their functioning because they are code-written from the beginning. Frequent changes complicate the codes, which becomes trouble for the scraper. It is a vital web challenge in web scraping.

IP Blocking

Web scraping faces general issues like IP blocking. If the same IP address sends a request multiple times, this aspect blocks that IP. IP blocking aspects do not allow the scraper to obtain data from websites. Also, it breaks down the whole process of web scraping.

Real-time data scraping

Real-time data scraping helps quick decision-making, so this aspect plays a vital role in business. It is the main reason behind business profit and loss. Rates or prices of products are dynamic, and they change every minute. Furthermore, receiving large information sets in real-time takes time and effort. Real-time data scraper uses REST API to monitor all dynamic data available in the public domain and obtain data in "closely real-time.

How to deal with web scraping challenges?

  • Go For a Headless Browser
  • Consider Using a Proxy Server
  • Use Common HTTP Headers
  • Pause Between Your Requests
  • Take Responsibility for the Data You Scrape
  • Make Your Scrapers Do Human Actions
  • Change IP Addresses and Proxy Services Frequently
  • It would help if you Changed User Agent Frequently
  • Implement Captcha Solving Services
Go For A Headless Browser

Headless browsers are more effective and adaptable than other browsers. As its name indicates, these browsers do not include a visual interface. These browsers reduce the requirement for loading websites. Instead, it loads HTML and gathers the needed data.

Use Common HTTP Headers

Standard HTTP headers let you scrap the web more consistently. You can include an HTTP request header accept-language, user agent, header accept-encoding, and header referer to mislead the website and avoid getting refused.

Implement Captcha Solving Services

The most common barrier to web scraping is captchas. You must execute an analytical task to confirm you are a human. You can use captcha-solving services that solve the tasks and send the effects. Captcha can exist in different formats. It allows you to scrape web data without disturbance.

What is the future of web scraping?


Businesses need new or updated data daily. The vast amount of regularly updated data will likely affect data scraping. This factor benefits many businesses. This article teaches about fields that are the future of massive data and web scraping.


Web scraping plays an essential role in marketing. The marketer uses information as a powerful tool in the market. With web scraping, businesses get updates about the trending market. Web scraping helps marketers to get updates about trends for further marketing progress.

Artificial Intelligence

In the recent era, most fields have used AI. Also, In the future, we will use AI technology to innovate intelligent machines and robots for data scraping in various businesses. The massive change for AI will be caused not by data scraping but because so many industries and people will require it.

Risk Management

Risk management will be too time-consuming without the availability of the web scraping technique. Thus, in the future, businesses will depend on web scraping services to get more updated information to execute risk analysis.


These are a few challenges in web scraping faced by businesses. With the help of our web scraping service, your business can overcome challenges. It also provides essential insights and helps to achieve target success. Contact us to learn more about our web scraping service.

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