Top 5 Web Scraping Tools and Software

January 4, 2021

Web Scraping in the automated data extraction process which helps the website on a large scale. Every fieldwork is depending on data, web crawling or web scraping methods are being used to gather data from the internet or you can easily gain the insights for all the personal or business use. There are many web scraping tool allows to download data in the required format like CSV, Excel, XML format and can save the time as well in posting manually.

Why Web Scraping Tool?

Web Scraping Tool is used for various purposes or in various scenarios but we will go with some of the common use cases that are applicable for the general user.

Collect Data from Marketplace: -Web Scraping Tool can assist to be side by side with the company or industry keep heading for six months, serving as a powerful tool for market research. The tools help you to collect multiple data providers and market research firms.

Extra Contact Info: – This tool can be useful to scrape data like email, number, and many more from a different website so that you can make a list of suppliers, manufacturers, and many other people of interest to your organization or company.

Download Solution from Stack Overflow: – Using a Web Scraping tool, you can easily download a solution for offline storage you can collect data from various sites. These can help you in reducing dependency on active internet access.

Look for Job or Candidate: – Those who are looking for an active candidate to join the organization, or the jobseekers who are looking for a dedicated role or job vacancy, this tool help you to collect details from different filters.

Track Price from Various Market Place: -If you are doing online shopping and love to track prices of products which you are looking on multiple markets on stores, for that you need a web scraping tool.

Top 5 Web Scraping Tools and Software

Web Scraping tools is basically developed for extracting all the useful information from the different websites. So, this tools helps to collect various types of data from the internet. Scraping Tools can be helpful in many ways but we need to choose some of the common use cases which is applicable in all the general ways.

Let us talk about Top 5 best web scraping tools. Some are providing free, and some of them are providing trial period and some premium plans. So rest of the information is given below: –

  1. Scraping Intelligence Cloud
  2. Scrapy
  3. ScrapeHero Cloud
  4. Data Scraper
  5. ParseHub

Scraping Intelligence Cloud: Scraping Intelligence Cloud is the best Web Scraping Services & Web Crawler Company based in the USA, UK, and Germany. Which provides the accurate & affordable scraping tools for all the company. With Data Scraping Tool and software you are able to meet specific requirements of volume. We provide all customized based scraping tool that will help you to fulfill your requirements. Custom scraping will help you to scrape tools such as Data Scraping API, Price Monitoring, Social Media Scraping, and more. We provide final output in data in the format such as JSON, CSV, Excel, and API Access.


Scrapy: Scrapy is the open-source web scraping service provider that works in Python Language which is built under web scrapers. It provides all tools which need to efficiently extract data from a different website, and need to process them, and you can store them into the preferred structure into the given format. The main advantage is that it can build on top of the twisted networking framework. If you have large Data Scraping projects which need to be efficient possible for flexibility, then you should use scraped tools. You can export the data into many different formats like CSV, JSON, and XML formats and it runs on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.


Scrape HeroCloud: Scrape Hero is a browser-based web scraping tool. Which is having a huge experience in web crawling so that you can create an affordable and it’s very easy to pre-build all the crawlers for all the APIs to scrape data from all the websites such as Google, Amazon, Walmart, and many more Ecommerce Websites. Many free trials that need to scrape in speed and for its reliability before signing up for a plan. Scrape Hero doesn’t allow you to download any updated tools or software and you can spend time learning while using them. Scrape Hero allows allowing all the crawlers to scrape data at high speeds and supports all the data exports in JSON, Excel Format, and CSV formats.


Data Scraper:Data Scraper is simple and free for all the web scraping tools for extracting data for all the single pages into XLS & CSV data files. It’s a browser extension that helps you to transform data in a clean table format. You just need to install all the plugins in a Google browser. Many free version tool helps you to scrape 500 pages per month, if you need to scrape more pages then you need to update your plans so that you can scrape more pages.


Parse hub:Parse Hub is a web-based Data Scraping tool that is usually build to crawl all single or multiple websites which usually supports AJAX, JavaScript, cookies, sessions, which redirects for all scraping tool. The application can analyze and grabs data from all the different websites which transform it into user data. It also uses machine technology to recognize most of the complicated documents which allow you to generate the files in JSON, Google Sheets, CSV, or through other API. Parse Hub is used for a desktop app that is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users which are used for Firefox extension. This is an easy and user-friendly web app that is used to build into the browsers which are used for all documentation.

How you can select Web Scraping Tool?

Web Scraping tools are free or paid software and it can be a good choice. If the data requirements are very less, then the sources of the website are not at all complicated. Web scraping tool and software are not able to handle large scale scraping, bypassing CAPTCHA, complex logics, and they won’t scale better when the volume of the website is high. For all these cases, a full service helps to get a better economical option.

The Web Scraping Tools can extract data from different websites very comfortably, with all the limits. Programming is the best option to scrape the data from different websites with flexibility and attains better results.

You can easily save time and you can even keep it clean, structured data by trying us out instead – we will allow the services to the provider that doesn’t require any tool and will clear data easily and hustle-free.

So if you are looking for Web Scraping Tools and Software then you can contact Scraping Intelligence for all your quotes and queries.

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