How To Track Competitor Price with Web Scraping?

April 7, 2021

In today’s world of competitive business, many industries utilize the internet for trading their products to consumers. With customers choosing from many manufacturers and retailers competing for business, pricing the product appropriately is very important. This requires merchandisers, retailers, manufacturers, and business analysts to vigorously monitor the prices of the related products given on various websites for sale by their competitors that take timely decisions and Monitor Competitors Prices by Web Scraping.

The feasible details on websites can be analyzed by web browsers only. The sites or browsers do not offer any tool to end-user to save these details on their local device in a format that will allow them to effortlessly examine price check and trends violations if any by the vendor for their products. As a result, one needs to physically copy & paste the information from various websites to a local file in the device by individual is a very time-consuming and tedious job taking many hours to finish. The products are monitored in millions and thousands, this task is time consuming and it may take weeks or months to complete.

By positioning dedicated software — web extracting apps, one can catch the information in real-time instead of doing physically copy-paste the details. By scraping the information, one can catch these details updated at daily intervals, allowing the result makers to analyze and monitor the price movements and price their items accurately across geographies.

Effective Competitors Monitoring Strategy


From our capability of monitoring millions of products on 15,0000 websites all over the world. We have found some points on which every online trader can build an effective and solid competitor monitoring plan.

  1. Price: – Web Scraping Price monitoring is an effective and popular strategy for vendors who target to maintain and gain a viable benefit. Understanding competitor’s prices empowers traders to make the best pricing decisions at the right time.
  2. Product: – Traders that have a deeper insight of their participant’s assortment portfolio have key viable benefits.

How to Use Competitor Price Tracker?

Effective traders take benefits of each tool are feasible to help to provide accurate product pricing. When correct pricing structures are requested, traders are capable to know how a significant decrease in inventory loss and improves in profit values. The other way to develop a proper pricing structure is by utilizing a Web scraping price comparison. With this tool, the industry can make the strategy outperform its competition.

How Web Scraping can be used for Competitive Price Monitoring

The initial step to observing your opponent’s prices is via extracting pricing data.

It is important to find the correct software that suits your industry requirements. The correct web scraping software will boost your effectiveness and reduce the possibility of a human mistake that will decrease your capability significantly.

To power it all, you’ll need fast, accurate, and easy to utilize scraping software which would contain:

  1. A Scraper to extract the demanded data.
  2. A script to demand the scraper in the occurrence set by you.

An automated scheduler can observe more than one industry and analyze several price points like reviews, prices, specs, product data, availability at a similar time.

Run this data set via analytics platform like BigML to recognize different things quickly, make calculated forecasts, evaluate, and compare your current prices of competitors.


Price monitoring plays a very important part in the competition, however, there are many tricks to play when it derives to tracking the orders, pricing strategy, historical price changes, page views. The success key is to have a decent scraping service supplier for you to increase a universal view of the ever-changing online market. Scraping Intelligence help you to keep track on participant without fail, so you can keep attention on strategic planning. If you are looking for a solution or are unhappy with the current provider, reach out to us and we can help.

If you are looking for the best Competitor Price Monitoring Tool, then you can contact Scraping Intelligence for all your queries.

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