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Trulia Data Scraper

Real Estate

Trulia is the real-estate website that provides seamless experience to purchase and explore new homes or search for rental options. A Trulia scraper crawls several website data and extracts details like images, features, pricing, country, etc. The downloaded data can be delivered in any customized format such as CSV, Excel, JSON, etc.

Trulia Data Extractor

Without the requirement of any code, you can simply extract detailed property data from several homes listed for sale or rent on Trulia.com. Our Trulia data extractor helps to monitor the real-estate market and choose the best time to buy or sell properties.


Trulia Data Feed Includes

Fetch Trulia data such as property details, home details, building details, images, pricing, sold properties, rental properties, no. of beds, no. of rooms, area, etc.

Procedure to Use and Try Free Crawlers

The crawlers are 90% ready to work. With a few clicks, it becomes as easy as copying and pasting the content.

Step 1: Initiate Advance Search

Provide search queries for any business search result URLs for advertisement data from the Trulia website.

Step 2: Downloading

You can download the real-estate listing data in any required format such as Excel, CSV, MySQL, MS-Access, XML, MSSQL, HTML Files.

Step 3: Scheduling the Crawler

Schedule the crawler on an hourly basis, weekly, or regularly to stay updated with data on Dropbox.

Data Extraction using the Trulia Web Scraper

Trulia data is important for the users dealing in real-estate business. Using Trulia data scraper, one can gather insights into real-estate market and plan the strategies accordingly. Trulia data extractor helps to fetch and gather data like contact details, house address, geocode, no. of bedrooms, properties available on rent, for sale properties, etc. You simply need to provide the query about the data you require. The scraped data can be downloaded in the format you need.

Functionality of Trulia Scraper

Trulia scraper can help you monitor keywords that competitors prefer while searching for a particular property. This analysis will help you plan your pricing strategies accordingly creating a competitive-edge in the market. Trulia crawler ensures a methodological approach to access vast database of property listing without the need for manual data extraction. This procedures output that is dependable and accurate, and it can be applied several times as per the business requirements. Usually, the Trulia scraper output is produced in single page style for ease of reading and understanding.

Benefits of the Trulia Scraping Tool

The Trulia scraping tool is designed to extract business data from Trulia a real-estate platform.

  • Within few minutes you can fetch tons of data.
  • Our Trulia scrapers are free to try
  • Our Trulia API will automatically restart on its own if it fails to deliver the result in first try.
  • Collects every small detail about property and agents.
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