Web scraping: Why It's Important For Media Monitoring?

February 22, 2022

Monitoring the media is critical for staying current on your industry's latest news and trends.

But how do you know what to keep an eye on? You can search for keywords and track your brand's mentions throughout the web in real time with web scrapes, which is extremely useful during crises. We will examine what it is and why it's essential for media monitoring.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a technique that scrapes web pages to harvest information for market research or advertising purposes. With web scraping, brands and enterprises can monitor blogs, news sites, social media sites, and search results online. Tracking mentions of your organization and employees through web scraping is crucial for media monitoring.

Why is web scraping so crucial for media monitoring?


Web scraping can be extremely useful for staying on top of the current developments in your sector. Using automated technologies to search for keywords and collect data on a large scale can help you spot news faster.

Clients pay thousands of dollars monthly for media monitoring, but you can have this ability at your fingertips with web scraping. You may monitor and evaluate the sentiment of articles and public impression of your brand by searching for your company's name with text recognition software. This might help you determine where your brand needs to improve or how it should change in the future.

Web scraping can also track the phrases that direct users to specific pages on your website.

For example, if you want to know what searches lead users to your homepage, searching for "keywords" can help you find out. This allows you to understand better what people are looking for when they visit your site and compare it to other pages.

Web scraping can still be helpful even without calculating traffic data for specific pages.

Using the data, you can create a dashboard to evaluate how changes in the market affect your website. Evaluate the effectiveness of changes that you have made to your website by using information on keyword mentions, page views, and social media shares. When measuring the success of your marketing strategies and implementing changes, this information from web scraping can be precious.

How can web scraping help in media monitoring?


Web scraping can be helpful even without calculating traffic data for individual pages. For example, you can use the data to develop a dashboard that allows you to assess how changes in the marketplace affect your website. Using statistics on keyword mentions, page views, and social media shares, you may determine the success of previous improvements to your website. This information from web scraping can be invaluable when measuring the success of your marketing strategies and applying enhancements.

Advantages of web scraping for media monitoring:

1. You can monitor keywords in real-time

Web scraping allows you to track your brand's references on the internet in real-time. When you search for specific keywords on a website, you may watch the sentiment of people writing about your organization without waiting for them to complete writing or read what they've already written. This is useful not only for media monitoring but is also commonly used by companies trying to promote by measuring which phrases drive visitors to their website.

2. Extract valuable information

Media monitoring is used by companies looking to advertise, but it is also an essential service for marketing research. Media monitoring allows you to discover trends and measure the effectiveness of any changes you have made in the past. Using web scraping, companies can track mentions of their brand so they know where they need to invest more effort. If a specific word brings more traffic to your website than others, investing in a more significant advertising budget may be helpful.

3. Track your competitor's performance

As an industry insiders, many people seek ways to stay ahead of the competition. Web scraping provides an invaluable way for companies and brands to monitor what others are doing and what people say about them in real time without making expensive investments.

4. It’s Effective.

Web scraping helps you gain information that can help in real-time decision making. If you don’t want to lag behind in this competitive world web scraping can help you in your media monitoring needs with exclusive information. Analyze what data is important for your business and make your decisions accordingly.

5. You can monitor social media mentions easily

Online marketing has become increasingly dependent on social media tracking. Marketers and companies can reach a massive audience through social media channels. However, social media monitoring can take a lot of work, even with tools like HootSuite. Enter web scraping! Using software designed for social media marketing, you can monitor your brand's mentions on social media in real-time to see just how much your competitors influence the market with their posts.

6. You can easily compare different websites' performance

Web scraping is an invaluable tool for companies that want to compare different websites' performance in real-time. For example, the top article on the CNN website generates more traffic than the first article on Yahoo. You can quickly find which articles on either website generate the most traffic using web scraping. This kind of data can benefit businesses wanting to know where to invest their resources.

7. You can monitor all public URLs

Web scraping isn't just for web pages and social media posts, either: It's also helpful in monitoring messages on forums and chat rooms. Much of the software used for web scraping is designed to monitor links shared on social media. Using these tools, companies can easily track mentions of their brand on multiple websites and find them using keywords that may not otherwise be found online.


Web scraping is a versatile technology that can be utilized in various situations. However, utilizing it for any reason can lead to complications. For example, use information from other websites for your business. In that case, you risk breaking the law through copyright violations and violating the terms of service. The better you understand how web scraping works and what it can do for you, the fewer issues you'll have when using it.

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