How to Scrape Business Contact Details from Google Maps?

January 12, 2021

Google Maps is an important resource for different business information lists. With Google Maps business data scraping services, you can easily get all the required data from Google without using any APIs. Also, you can use this data for getting business listings, making lead generations, as well as organizing bulk mail campaigns.

Google Maps: What is it?

Google Maps is an enormous source for data listing that offer business leads. Different people have contact data physically for various businesses recorded on Google Maps. Nearly 41% of complete Internet users utilize Google Maps services universally. Google Maps has Billions of customers having almost 30% of Google searches accessible from a local objective or geographical characteristics. Google Maps is the most shared navigation app accessible worldwide having a market share of 67%. Using Google Maps web scraping, you may systematize the entire procedure of getting data from Google Maps.

You may need as killed google map scraping service providers like Scraping Intelligence for getting business data as per the targeted audience. One may use the business listings for performing cold calling, lead generation, as well as mass-mailing campaigns.

Important Characteristics of Google Maps Business Data Extraction

You can extract important business information from Google Maps using our Google Maps business data extraction. It allows you to keep track of data and make use of it. So, let's take a look at some of the effective characteristics of Google Map data scraping.

Email Extraction

Usually, emails are not obtainable with Google Maps, though using Google Maps Business Data Scraping services, you may still have email IDs related to the registered businesses. That unique feature splits us from the market competitors.


Any specialized Google Maps data scraping services offer a user-friendly interface. The users can view different scraped google map data procedures with the Chrome Browser.

Social Imitation

Google Maps Business Scraping providers utilize various social imitation algorithms for extracting Google Maps minimizing the possibilities of obstruction while extracting data from Google Maps.


Preservation is fast to explain the modifications about structural changes within Google Maps site and make some changes accordingly.

Scraping Google Maps Business Data

You could hire Scraping Intelligence for getting the top Google Maps Data Scraping. Our Google Maps Data Scraping Services scrape the main services for saving money with immediate results. We offer custom-made search criteria as per customer’s desires. Our Google Maps data scraping services offer valued results that help you lead the market!


We scrape google maps data and assist you in driving the business effectively by scraping high-quality information.

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Google Maps Ratings
  • Contact Details
  • Website URLs
  • Business CID
  • Categories
  • Email ID
  • Reviews
  • Image URL
  • Description
  • Website Email

Why Choose Scraping Intelligence?

  • A user would get business data based on the categories gathered by using the geo-locations in the CSV Format.
  • Accuracy about the mined data is enormously high as data is scraped openly from Google searching pages. They demonstrate the pages, which have been established by Google.
  • Through Google Maps data scraping, this becomes easier to get necessary local results comprising a pizza, restaurant, hotel businesses, etc. in the domestic areas.
  • You can have data scraping at a very high speed.

If you need the best Google Maps Data Scraping services for hire, call Scraping Intelligence or ask for a free quote!

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