How to Scrape Glassdoor Job Data Using LXML and Python?

May 26, 2021

Accumulating job placements from the website is problematic as it is time utilizing to physically scraped data from the web. Web extracting is the finest basis for job information feeds if you are seeking occupations in a province or contained by a particular salary choice.

This blog is related to scraping information on a jobs list created on a specific job location and name. You can extract the job ratings, estimated salary, or go a bit advance and extract the jobs created on the amount of miles from a specific city. With extracting Glassdoor placements, you can search job lists over a definite period, and recognize when job placements are removed and listed to make an inquiry on works that are in trend.


In this blog, we will extract, the safest developing job sites. The extractor will scrape the fields for a specific job location and name given.

  • Name of Job
  • Company Name
  • City of Company
  • State of Company
  • Salary
  • URL of Company Website
  • Industry
  • Year of Founded
  • Location of Company
  • Posted Date
  • Ratings of clients

Extracting Logics

  1. Build the URL to search outcomes from Glassdoor. We will be scraping list by their job location and name here is the list to search for Android developers in Boston.
  2. Download HTML to find outcome page utilizing Python Needs.
  3. Analyze the page utilizing LXML –let LXML route the HTML Tree formation utilizing Xpaths. We have preplanned the XPaths for the information we require in the code.
  4. Save the details in the CSV file. In this blog, we are extracting the company, job name, estimated salary, and location from the main page of the outcome, so a CSV folder should be sufficient to fit in the details. If you want to scrape details in a huge amount, a JSON folder is more superior. You can study related selecting your required format; you just need to be sure.


Install PIP and Python

Here is a sample to mount Python 3 in Linux –

Mac Operators can track this guide –

Windows clients can contact us for more details –


This web extracting blogs utilizing Python 3, we require some packs for parsing and downloading the HTML. Below are the details of given packages:

  • PIP to mount the required packages in Python (
  • Python Requirements to make download and requests the HTML gratified of the given sheets (
  • Python LXML, for scraping the HTML Tree formation utilizing Xpaths–

The Code

If the above link doesn’t work then you can download the below-given link at

Running the Scraper

The heading of the script is If you want to write script name in command prompt or terminal with a –h

usage: [-h] keyword place
positional arguments:
keyword   job name
place     job location
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

The “keyword” characterizes a keyword to the placements you are finding for and the dispute “place” is utilized to discover the anticipated job in an exact location. The instance displays how to mount the script to discover the listing of Android developers in Boston:

python3 "Android developer" "Boston"

This will build a CSV folder called Android developer-Boston-job-results.csv that remains in the identical file as the script. Here are some mined data from Glassdoor in a CSV folder from the demand above.


You can easily download the code

Different Questions about Data Scraping

You may have numerous ways about it, identify that you implement that at personal risk. You must remember that the data is the foremost source for your company. This is the main source of the company so, they are feasibly very careful about guarding them.

Why a Business Require Web Crawling from Glassdoor?

In case you want to create the company, then maybe drop a message to the company development users and observe if they are concerned about permitting the content, many businesses have very sensible deals for various startups while you don’t need to explain the cluster of cash, to be honest. If you are doing an inquiry on the project, they might be having some concerns related to the PR reasons.

Having a superior aspect, amongst the firmest aspects of dealing with satisfied is to trade with all the legalities related to getting the content.


This extractor would work for scraping the utmost job list on Glassdoor except the website organizes extremely. If you like to extract the information of billions of pages in a very short time, this extract or might not work for you.

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