How to Scrape Hotel & Restaurant Data from TripAdvisor?

July 27, 2021

What is TripAdvisor Data?

TripAdvisor is a platform where individuals can buy tickets, book hotels, and activities. Customers can also write reviews for resorts, restaurants, tours, and other establishments. As a result, the website provides a wealth of review and pricing information. Consumers can use this information to find the greatest discounts, including packages, and to gather reviews to get a better impression of a location than the photographs alone. TripAdvisor assists travel agencies and others in the hospitality industry in locating rooms, rentals, and tours in a busy and competing marketplace.

How To Get Data from TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor provides a wealth of information. The best approach to acquire this data is by web scraping, which is the automated extraction of information from a website page. You can use a scraper to fetch pricing and review information into the database that can be readily detected for relevant observations–or the data can even be shared via a scraper API.

For those in the travel industry, the TripAdvisor API integrates TripAdvisor reviews and more to your website. This is ideal since it helps visitors to reach your website for reading genuine evaluations from a reputable travel source.

Scraping Data from TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor data scraper easily gathers information from TripAdvisor. If you merely want to locate the best hotel for your business, all you have to do is feed the scraper a few keywords (such as site, type of construction you’re looking for, or even perfect review dates) and the scraper will return output (like reviewer names during the stay and if the review was helpful). Without having to scroll through pages of evaluations that may or may not apply to your inquiry, this output data will undoubtedly allow you to better evaluate and compare place views.

You may use the same input data to get the results if you’re a travel operator interested in learning what customers have to say about places or your own company on TripAdvisor.

You, on the other hand, have complete control over how you communicate this information to your employees and how it affects your long-term business objectives. Scraping data from TripAdvisor makes you understand the market and how people felt about your hotel.

In this blog, we will crawl for hotels in the city, check-ins, check-out dates and scrape the data from the first page.

  1. Name of the hotel
  2. Reviews
  3. Ratings
  4. Booking provider
  5. Number of deals
  6. Facilities in hotel
  7. Hotel Pricing per night
  8. Offers and Deals

Applications of TripAdvisor API


The TripAdvisor API, which can only be used by certified travel businesses, is a terrific way to include TripAdvisor reviews into your webpage. Here are some other methods to incorporate TripAdvisor information into your business.

Shopping Guide

TripAdvisor has a page devoted to destination-specific shopping guides. Scraping the TripAdvisor ratings of the businesses will provide analysis into how many travelers are looking for shopping in the particular place that attracts tourists. If you operate a shop in London, you should be aware of the popular tourist shopping areas.

TripAdvisor capability enables travel agents to research every conceivable alternative for their clients. You may scrape certain terms to receive suggestions once you know what they want. If they wish to just go shoe shopping in Tokyo, you can look up Tokyo shoe stores and their reviews on TripAdvisor to get the greatest possibilities for them.

Want to extract hotel details on TripAdvisor?

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Tour packages

Vacation packages are the most convenient way for people to plan vacations. These enable you to book a flight, hotels, and activities all in one place at a lower cost. You may learn what types of package holiday deal customers prefer by searching vacation package deals. This is ideal for travel agents that want to create their packages. You can grasp what people are looking for when creating your bundles by scraping and evaluating top-rated and most economical bundles.

Running the Script

Assume the code is titled TripAdvisor In a command prompt or terminal, type the script description with a -h.

python -h
usage: [-h] checkin_date checkout_date sort locality
positional arguments:
checkin_date   Hotel Check In Date (Format: YYYY/MM/DD
checkout_date  Hotel Chek Out Date (Format: YYYY/MM/DD)
sort           available sort orders are : priceLow - hotels with lowest
price, distLow : Hotels located near to the search center,
recommended: highest rated hotels based on traveler reviews,
popularity :Most popular hotels as chosen by Tipadvisor users
locality       Search Locality
optional arguments:
-h, --help     show this help message and exit

Executing it using Python with arguments for location, order sorting, check-in and check-out dates in YYYY/MM/DD format.

python "2017/01/01" "2017/01/02" "popularity" "boston"

This will extract the file in CSV format call tripadvisor_data.csv



Web scraping is the automatic fetching of data from a website. For clients, information fetched by scraping hotel and restaurant data will assist in planning the best tour, considering reviews to avoid mistakes. For travel operators, TripAdvisor information will mention you of clients that are searching for particular destinations and helps to compete the market. The TripAdvisor API enhances agents and other hospitality teams to inculcate the TripAdvisor reviews in their websites.

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