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Monitor social networking sites, article popularity, and ad performance, or automate the struggle over fake news.

Web scraping for marketing and media firms is redesigning marketing using web data.

High-quality online data enables new methods of monitoring competitors, automating lead creation, tracking social media, and creating fresh content.


How quickly is the world around us changing?

Marketing analytics is the single most important investment sector, which accounts for 16% of the money allotted to marketing programs and operational areas.

Scraping Intelligence has been quite helpful in supplying all crawls for our site auditor solution. They provide reliable, quick, and precise web scraping services. They deliver a stronger user interface, which makes testing and developing our JavaScript parser a breeze.

Providing actionable data to top marketing and media firms

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How does Web Scraping and Web Automation Redesign the Marketing Industry?


Monitoring social media

To analyze growth potential and establish new marketing strategies, get data about your business and other firms from prominent social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, or Instagram. Extract mentions, track subscribers, download photos, and scrape comments automatically.


Lead Generation

Find new consumers and gather useful and up-to-date contact information on a large scale. Send the extracted data directly to your CRM or other applications to launch marketing campaigns.


Content Development

Create innovative internet services that collect a significant quantity of data from certain websites and synthesize it understandably. Send high-value update alerts to users in real-time. Stay ahead of new trends by gathering helpful material on a large scale.


Web Automation for Marketing

Streamline your web processes and any other manual work you are doing on the web. Allow robots to perform repetitive tasks such as monitoring social media profiles, filling out online forms, and copy-pasting data. To make the web work for you, connect your existing tools using ready-made integrations or APIs.


Price Monitoring

Using web scraping to track millions of e-commerce domains and items in real-time. Automate your competitor’s price and product monitoring so you can alter your pricing plan and maximize your performance.


Product Monitoring

Analyze product and sales data from multiple online retailers to understand how different goods and categories are performing for you as well as your competitors. Gather information in your preferred format automatically and monitor performance regularly.

Create Personalized Scraper for Marketing Requirements

  • Outsource the implementation of your web scraping project to the most knowledgeable professionals in the area.
  • Set up a custom scheduler to extract data just when you need it.
  • Streamline the monitoring of your target websites, rivals, or media firms while we handle the upkeep and support.
  • Get high-quality data from online scraping in your desired format (JSON, CVS, XLS, HTML) and neatly formatted for further processing.
  • To remove the danger of human mistakes, use pre-built connectors or APIs for your existing tools to automatically transfer data.

Data plays an important role for the future of e-commerce sector, So download this data in any format with Scraping Intelligence.

Media Marketing
        "user":"Becky Schmitt",
        "position" : "EVP & Chief People Officer at Cognizant",
        "Location" : "New York, NY",
        "user":"Alberto Pimentel",
        "position" : "Director Of Sales Marketing at Blue People",
        "Location" : "Houston, TX",
        "user":"Linda Aiello",
        "position" : "Chief People & Culture Officer",
        "Location" : "San Francisco",
        "user":"Julia Anas",
        "position" : "Chief People Officer at Qualtrics",
        "Location" : " San Jose",

Why Choose Scraping Intelligence?



Whatever your specific requirements are, Scraping Intelligence can meet them when it comes to web automation and data extraction. We think that there is always a method to solve a problem.



The Scraping Intelligence team will install and maintain your solution. We make certain that you receive facts that you can trust so that you can make sound judgments.



As your company grows, your solution can adapt, and data can be retrieved at scale. Millions of pages can be scraped, and TBs of data may be transmitted as needed.

The Retail Industry is Expanding. Get The Precise Data to Boost your Business.

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