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Scrape Google Trends Data

Google Trends Data Scraper


To scrape data from Google Trends, use the Google Trends API. Extract information for several search phrases provided in a Google Sheet, configure time intervals for more frequent returns, choose categories, and specify locations. Downloadable file formats include HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and others.

Google Trends Data Extractor

Google Trends data scraper is developed to extract necessary information such as keyword, time zone, property, etc.

Google Trends Data Feed Includes

Keyword, start time, end time, time zone, resolution, property, category, Geo location, etc.

This Google Trends data can be used to analyze variation in categories, resolution, start time, etc.

Scrape Google Trends Data

Procedure to use and Try Free Crawlers

The crawlers are 90% ready to work. With a few clicks, it becomes as easy as copying and pasting the content.

Step 1: Initiate Advance Search

Provide search queries for any search result URLs for scraping data from Google Trends

Step 2: Downloading

You can download the data in any required format such as CSV, HTML, Excel, JSON.

Step 3: Scheduling the crawler

Schedule the crawler on an hourly basis, weekly, or regularly to stay updated on Dropbox.

Google Trends data scraper allows you to search for the data that you can categorize depending on the various factors. Google Trends scraper can be used to scrape Google trends data using Python based on the requirements you mention from filtering on the Google Trends category page. It is possible to sort the filter as per the requirements and You may copy the relevant URL and put it in the Initial URL tab in the Edit PDE view after selecting the criteria for the data you require.

Uses and Benefits of Scraping Google Trends Data

  • If a department category or search page on Google Trends contains pagination, all pages will be crawled repeatedly.
  • You may also utilize the task scheduler capability to execute this scraper in an automatically.
  • There will be no requirement to download any software or extensions.
  • We will be always there to make necessary changes to the scrapers as per the requirement.
  • You can download the data without any knowledge of coding.
  • We analyze and resolve any issues that rely to website structure changes and blocking from the website.
Scrape Google Trends Data
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