The internet's availability of manufacturing and associated data has opened up new opportunities, offering the information needed to forecast trends, make better investment decisions, automate operations, and create new products.

To anticipate patterns, make investment choices, automate tasks, and create new products, you'll need the proper data.

With data from the web, web scraping for the industrial industry is bringing the industry 5.0 revolution to life.

The internet's availability of manufacturing and associated data has opened up new opportunities, offering the information needed to forecast trends, make better investment decisions, automate operations, and create new products.


How quickly is the world around us changing?

The manufacturing industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. Production declines, forced shutdowns in the early days of the epidemic, and industry-wide layoffs are just a few of the issues. Manufacturers should set targets for data extraction and analysis throughout their whole global production footprint, since this step alone is critical for identifying bottlenecks and potential for improvement.

Scraping Intelligence has a fully functional crawler that can handle login prompts right out of the box, as well as everything else you'd expect from a cloud-based service provider. The API, which includes Webhooks, is simple to use and well-documented. When a login is required, this function takes care of it. The price is reasonable.

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How Do Data scrape and web automation Affects the Manufacturing Industry?


Price Monitoring

Price fluctuations for raw resources, commodities, and working population may be tracked at scale on the websites of your choosing. Reduce operating expenses and improve performance by streamlining the monitoring of pricing for all manufacturing inputs.


Competitor Tracking

Follow competitors' products and manufacturers to see how they're doing and to observe how their supply chains are changing. Data gathering may be automated, and changes can be tracked in real time.


Market Analysis

To keep ahead of growing trends and buying behaviors in your industry, audit prominent e-commerce sites for photos, items, relevant keywords, and more. Gather data from all across the internet for market research, machine learning, or new product creation.


Web Automation

To improve your approach and maximize your revenues, automatically alter your procedures and bids depending on predetermined triggers. When the pricing or other criteria change, you'll be alerted about your suppliers and any changes in the supply chain.

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  • Outsource the development of your web scraping project to the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.
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  • To reduce the possibility of human mistake, use ready-made interfaces or APIs for your existing technologies to automatically transfer data.

Extract data from any website at scale

        'asin': 'B08XGDN3TZ',
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        'image': '',
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        'seller': 'STPL Exclusive Online',
        'title': 'Samsung Galaxy M12 (Blue,4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) 6000 mAh with 8nm Processor | True 48 MP Quad Camera | 90Hz Refresh Rate',
        'url': ''
        'asin': 'B09MKPTK2Y',
        'category': 'Mobiles & Accessories',
        'description': 'Redmi Note 10S · Display 6.43-inch (1080x2400) · Processor MediaTek Helio G95 · Front Camera 13MP · Rear Camera 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP · RAM 6GB · Storage 64GB',
        'image': '',
        'rating': '4.2 ',
        'seller': 'Darshita Mobiles',
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        'url': ''

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Whatever your specific requirements are, Scraping Intelligence can meet them when it comes to web automation and data extraction. We think that there is always a method to solve a problem.



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As your company grows, your solution can adapt, and data can be retrieved at scale. Millions of pages can be scraped, and TBs of data may be transmitted as needed.

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